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I need help opening my Third Eye

Posted by Nutsgirl808 , 24 January 2013 · 692 views

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I want to be able to open my third eye.
What does it really mean to open your pineal gland?

any tips?

please let me know with your experiences of opening third eye or any extraordinary experiences:) thank you

I have from time to time , since I was 2 1/2  ,can remember receiving energy. It scared me.  Then  my grandma explained that
god was giving me energy.... Iam 59 now And realize for quiet sometime now , that It was me , Drawing energy.  this is what ya need to learn.  ya know ha It's hard to explain .... If you want to Learn - n ome
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Astrology. I offer it for a lot of things, but that's because it can be used for a lot of things. In your case, it wont probably get you far even if you get interested in it, but to get to know it's basic concepts could do some good for you, especially the most commonly-used planets and what they mean to you. If you do so, pay attention to Neptune, and do a bit more research on that planet's relation to astrology. If nothing else, it can help you keep on track if you feel like losing yourself.

I can take a look at your birthchart and give you a report, maybe that will help on this subject too. When you have a better idea about your self, you dont get lost so easily, if nothing else. If I had better knowhow of astrology I could probably directly help you a bit, but it'll take some more months for me to get there first.
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