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The Stomach and Visualization (Lucid Dreaming)

Posted by Ever Learning , 04 July 2012 · 1,779 views

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Think about a computer and how if you have too many processes happening at the same time the speed of your computer performance is slowed down. The mind is subconsciously hard at work all the time even if you don't know it, when you go to sleep your mind paralyses your body to keep it safe. Now that the mind is not actively using your body, the mind has better performance capabilities. When you use your imagination during the day to visualize any thing, it doesn't compare to how strong your visualizations are at night.

One of the things that does prevent better mind performance is the stomach. if your stomach acid is active and digesting food your mind is too busy to dream properly. If the stomach acids are neutralized, your mind is more free to wander with out being restrained.
Every one knows that milk makes you sleep easier and that cheese gives you crazy dreams. Milk neutralizes your stomach acids and cheese keeps it neutral for longer as it takes longer to digest.

If there is no stomach acid in your stomach (i discovered this after a night of drinking and a morning of throwing up, silver lining to every cloud) and you go to sleep your rem sleep starts straight away. i went into a wake initiated lucid dream straight away. i would assume the reason rem sleep starts in the early hours of the morning, is because this is when your digestive processes are not hindering it.

There are many spiritual people from different religions and cultures who use there stomach for heightened experiences.
Some Yogis swear by a mild diet of milk and rice pudding, both of these neutralize the stomach.
Christians, Jews and Muslims fast( maybe for different reasons) and after a while of not eating the stomach doesn't produce stomach acid when there isn't food in the belly. smelling food can set the stomach acid going again tho.

there's a few more references to other religions but the only other one i can remember is from the kolbrin bible and them talking about other cultures who are weighed down mentally from the foods they eat.

I dont know if all this is true, ive just been pondering it lately. i also wonder if one of breast milk benefits to babies is that the increased visualization is good for a developing brain if not neutrized stomach acids are good for a babys developing stomach.

Dec 02 2012 02:00 PM
Very interesting.
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