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Earth, Paridise or Prison? Is it possible to live on another planet?

Posted by Ever Learning , 21 July 2012 · 748 views

The human body is so fragile, it only appears to be strong as weve evolved to adapt to our enviroment. If beings came from another planet, there bodies formed from their own enviroment, would they not find our peaceful home in comparison to theirs a hell that is barren of all the things they need to survive.

As humans we thrive on earth and try to live in a way that best suits are survival. The things that we take for granted and things that we know as necessities( the air we breath, food and water) we assume if we can find a planet that has life every thing will be fine and we can adapt to live on this new Eden.

I dont doubt that it is possible to find another planet that has life on it but of the planets we do find, i do not think it possible, to find one that is compatible to ours to allow us to thrive. Even if the planet we find is exactly the same size as ours, the right distance from the sun, the moon at the same distance, with seas and a compatible atmosphere, life would of evolved differently. Diseases would be completely different and we would have no imunity to anything. some thing that could be harmless to the creatures living there could be as if not more harmful than anything we have experienced with our built up immunity to our diseases.

There are so many things that when we are out of our comfort zone afflict us. Im going to list the ones i can think of but im most definitely going to miss ones, that you will proberly think off and ones we cant comprehend as they seem so insignifagant to us that we dont realise there importance.

1. The sun although a blessing can be a curse, any one who has been on holiday has experienced the sunburn you can get as your skin isnt used to it. The brightness the sun gives some of us headaches as our eyes are too sensitive. if we lived on a different planet we would have to constantly strain our eyes trying to look in a darker light or shield are eyes from the brighter lights that we did not evolve and adjust to.

2. Gravity, think of the strain our bodies would be under at under a different intensity of gravity. Whales when taken out of there natural habitat are crushed under their own weight. The strain on our organs may be mild but with out rest, it may cause a multitude of problems.

3. Alititude, think of the many people who have suffered from altitude sickness.  Water boils quicker at higher altitudes, who knows what havoc it was cause to our bodily chemical processes (im sure there are people who know, i only ask out of ignorance)

4. When its about to rain some people feel a pressure in there head which can cause head aches, a different atmosphere would be crippling even to people who can take the strain of the changing weathers on earth.

Earth is a paridise but is also a prison, we have no hope of finding an eden or reaching it, the only logical thing to do is create our own. The earths resources are running out, lets hope they dont run out before we have the chance to improve our tecnology to terraform are own planet.  Your thoughts on the matter would be most welcome.

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