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Pursuit of knowledge

Posted by Ever Learning , 07 September 2012 · 436 views

I have often wondered what it is to be intelligent. how do i increase my intelligence? i have always thought books are the best way, some ones lifework summarized in there pursuit of knowledge. Every one has the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes but if you read books, you can find some one who shares your own philosophy or something close to it, and learn from their mistakes.

If i read a hundred books, i will gain knowledge from doing so but is it intelligent to just learn any thing? Surely the most intelligent things to learn would be the things that are directly related to me. things that will actually be useful in my day to day life. learning Latin is interesting but unless im going to use it, is it intelligent for me to spend my time learning it? do i learn to prosper in my life or do i learn things to impress others. would learning diy home repairs or car repairs not be a smarter way to spend my time.

p.s feel like i could of wrote more on this :)

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