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Billy, Part II

Posted by Supersquatch , in Other 21 April 2013 · 523 views

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Alec has told his friend Caden (the narrator) about the Billy, the ghost of an eighth-grade country farmer who went to their school in the 1920s. If you do not believe in the existence of Billy, then he will hunt you down and kill you. The legend has frightened Caden, to the point of where he believes, whereas Alec was just trying to scare his friend and remains skeptical. During lunch, Alec and Caden go outside and see the Billy. Part I here.

Billy then appeared outside.

"Thou not believe,
and thou shall see
my flaming, jealous wrath!" the Billy chanted.

"Thou not believe,
and though shall see
MY FLAMING JEALOUS WRATH!" it repeated over and over again.

Alec and I ran inside to the lunchroom and slammed the door. We were up against the door, holding it shut, breathing heavy, while our peers looked at us probably thinking What’d they just see?

Alec and I then went to History class again, where the whole mess unfolded.

"What are we going to do?" I asked him, still traumatized by the events that had happened just twenty minutes ago.

"We are going to have to learn," he said confidently, "about the Billy."

After school got out, Alec and I went to his house. We went on his computer and looked up information on the Billy.

"B-i-l-l-y," Alec spelled out while typing it into the Google search bar. After realizing that the results were just about movie stars and singers, he refined the search to "Billy John Adams Jr. High."

"Click the first one," I told him.

Alec read what the link said. "Billy Joesten was an eighth-grade student at Canyon City, Oregon's John Adams Junior High School. He died at the school after playing on a tire swing connected to a tree when the rope tying it broke, and he fell from fifty feet up. John Adams Jr. High students have venerated legends that Billy haunts the school, so much so that it may be the most known legend in all of Grant County. Of course, though, there have been no actual reported sightings of Billy and the general consensus is that this ghost doesn't exist. Some even question if there was ever even a person who went to John Adams Jr. High named Billy Joesten."

"There haven’t been any sightings?" I said, shocked.

"Maybe because everybody who has seen Billy is dead," Alec said grimly.

"Go back to Google and look up ‘Billy John Adams Jr. High get him to not kill you,'" I told him.

Then the power turned off.

"Oh, come on," I said, impatient.

Then the computer turned on. Not the power, but just the computer. A picture of Billy appeared.

"Holy crap!" I screamed.

The computer monitor started shaking. I started to hear another chant.

"Thou now believes,
because he sees,
but my wrath shall not cede!"

"Thou now believes,
because he sees,
but my wrath SHALL NOT CEDE!"

I crawled into the corner in the fetal position and watched in terror. Objects started getting thrown across the room.

Alec went over to the front door and yelled over to me, "Caden, what the heck are you doing? Get the crap out of here!... What are you waiting for, GET UP!"

But I was frozen. I could not move at all. I just sat there. Alec went back to where I was and dragged me by my leg out the front door. He slammed the door behind us.

He let go of me and I got up. Then we ran far, far away from his house.

That night I got no sleep yet again. I knew Billy was only after Alec, but the fact that there is a ghost running around my school killing nonbelievers… Well, it’s frightening.

The next day, I was in P.E. putting my clothes in my locker in the empty changing room.

"Oh, God!" I yelled afraid when I shut my locker, greeted by a person standing next to it. "You scared me," I added with more composure. The person was a boy of small stature with black hair and a pale face. He was wearing a dark leather jacket.

"I saw you and your friend at lunch yesterday. You looked pretty scared," he said, "Like you saw a ghost."

"Well… I did," I drew out.

"You did too?" he said. "Hmmm… Was it Billy?"

"Yes," I uttered. "Wait, you saw him, too?"

"As a matter of fact, I did. And I figured out a way to get him to stop bothering me. After I saw you and your friend and the looks on your faces, I knew you had to have seen Billy. So I thought I’d tell you how to get him to stop trying to kill you."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" I said. "What do I have to do?"

"The next time you see Billy, chant this over and over again:

'In you I believe Billy,
so wouldn't it be quite silly
if you were to have killed a believer?'

Got that?"

"Got it!" I wrote down the chant on my palm. I was eager to tell Alec about the good news.

During lunch, Alec and I went outside.

"Hey Billy, I’m right here! Come and get me!" Alec said, trying to antagonize the ghost.

"He's right here," I added. "What are you waiting for you Slender Man impersonator?!" We were pretty ballsy I would say.

Billy faded in in front of us. "What have thou said?" he said angrily.

We didn't answer him, we just started chanting.

"In you I believe Billy,
so wouldn't it be quite silly
if you were to have killed a believer?" we repeated over and over again.

IF YOU WERE TO HAVE KILLED A BELIEVER?" we chanted, growing louder and louder.

Then Billy faded out. We were done with the whole thing. We celebrated and then went inside and ate our lunches.

Apr 21 2013 08:14 PM
Here's part two. Hope you like it!
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