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Scales: An Alternative Recent History, Part II

Posted by Supersquatch , in Other 07 May 2013 · 425 views

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Todd is a writer for The Washington Post who was upset after not getting an answer to any of his questions after interviewing President George H.W. Bush about the Gulf War. However, he regains his optimism and wants to find the answers to his questions by doing some journalism. Doing some research, he found that the Gulf War was probably all for oil. After the September 11 attacks, his position grows even stronger that the government has a problem with the Middle East and oil. He breaks into the White House after America declares war against Iraq again to learn the truth, and finds a red button, which he presses. Little does he know, he is about to stumble upon a much larger conspiracy. Part I here.

An elevator descended me from the bathroom through what seemed like a hundred feet of dirt until I stopped in a lobby room. Through a door with a window in it, I could see a gigantic meeting room or underground base… that had people in it. Luckily, though, they didn't see me. There were five people in the room; all of them I could tell were wealthy. You've wandered upon a secret compartment of the White House Todd! They can give you the information you want! I told myself. I could just barely listen to their conversation.

"How are things going in Iraq?" one of them asked.

"Well," another answered, "the United States has gained control of more than twenty-five oil wells."

"Fantastic!" one said ecstatic. "The more profit, the better!"

Just then, I heard the elevator come down with the two Secret Service agents.

As soon as they saw me, they grabbed their guns. I barged into the meeting room.

"What the…" one of the wealthy men said, surprised. A few moments afterward, he said more composed but condescendingly, "Well, well. What do we have here?"

"You tell me!" I shouted. "Why does the government invade Iraq for oil!"

"Grab him!" he shouted back. Then the Secret Service agents held me and put a gun up to my head.

"Okay, okay!" I said. "But can you at least tell me what is going on here before you kill me?"

"Fine," The same wealthy man said. "The government is not controlled by the politicians that the American public elect. It is instead run by the Illuminati, a secret organization established in 1776 used to oppose prejudice, religious influence over life, and abuses of power. However, this group quickly took on with American presidents. George Washington joined the Illuminati, and so did every other president after him, because we forced them to. In the 1790s, the Illuminati secretly took over the United States. The public still elected people; however, they were government puppets. Slowly, but surely, the Illuminati is taking over the world, as it is control of 193 countries currently. But how did we take over all of these countries? By forming the United Nations."

"So the Illuminati authorized the Gulf War for oil! And that you must have been the culprits behind 9/11, because you wanted a reason to reinvade Iraq!" I said in revelation.

"Correct. And the more oil we have, the more money we have."

This person started to turn to static, like what is on a television, and slowly faded into a reptilian-looking alien-like creature. He started hitting a device on his arm, and turned back to human form.

"Oh, my God!" I screamed.

"He has learned too much!" he said. "Shoot him!"

"Wait! NO!"

"What do you want!?"

"What happened to you?"

"I'm an alien, alright! So is every other member of the Illuminati! These watches are used to change between human and alien form."

"Kill him!" he said.

They pointed the gun at my head, but I hit it with my elbow and was able to knock it down to the floor. I bent down and grabbed the gun and ran out of there.

As I got to the hallway and saw the room where I had interviewed the president, I tore the bald eagle statuette off of the door and ran with it to my car. I was given the information that I needed. I was safe.

And I am very glad that I wore that wire.

I drove to my house and Googled alien conspiracy theories. One that I found says that a race of aliens from the Thuban star in the constellation of Draco are the ones who actually rule the Earth. It said that most of the political leaders in the world today were aliens or were possessed by these aliens, and they were attempting to overthrow the world's governments. These aliens lived in underground bases, like the one underneath the White House. Then I Googled "Illuminati." Everything that the man/reptile said about the Illuminati was true.

But these conspiracy websites never mentioned that the Illuminati was founded by reptilian aliens!

I printed out the webpages I found, got my wire, and drove to work.

"My God! Todd, you may have uncovered the biggest conspiracy ever!" my boss told me. "We have to print your findings fast!"

Suddenly, they wanted me to write an article. And they gave me an hour to do it. I was very tired, as it was one in the morning. I tried to type as fast as I could, and finally finished perhaps the most important newspaper article in the history of the human race.

The Washington Post headline for December 5, 2003 was Reptilian Aliens Secretly Rule the World.

With the information I released, I had several million fans almost immediately. They were interested in overthrowing the United States government and other countries that might be ruled by aliens. In a matter of days, a Gallup poll was conducted asking Americans "Would you like the United States government to be overthrown and reestablished?" The answer "Yes" was an amazing 62.8%. So I decided to take action. Our First Amendment rights guarantee protesting the government for a redress of grievances, so that's what we--a group of several thousand Americans and I--did, by going to the White House and petitioning right on the lawn.

But the aliens weren't ready to abandon America. They grabbed water hoses and started spraying everybody. It was like the Civil Rights Movement all over again. But our protest was strong. My group broke into the White House. We went to the President's office, where we demanded him to leave his office, but not before telling us a way to get all of us to the secret base below the White House. He did both at our mercy, and next on our plate was to go downstairs and get the aliens to leave planet Earth.

As soon as we made it into the underground meeting room, I screamed "Your kind is not wanted on this planet!" at the Reptilians in human form, as my group swelled behind me.

"And what are you going to do about it?" said one of them.

"We'll kill you if we must!"

"With what?" it said as it if were invincible.

"With these." I pointed out the numerous weapons we had.

They left. After we pointed out that they could easily be out of this universe, they left Earth, which meant the human race could re-usurp the nations taken over by the aliens! We reestablished the United States government and had elections immediately for Congress, the House of Representatives and the presidency. I was elected the president in November 2004 and had my inauguration in January the next year.

One day, I looked out my window in my office and said to myself that it was much better to know then to guess, for if I wasn't so curious, I would never have kicked out the aliens and became the president. A full stomach is little worth a starved mind.

"Or did you kick out the aliens?" a voice behind me said.

I looked behind me and saw a man (or not?) in a black robe.

May 08 2013 03:04 PM
Usually I think our Masters may as well be evil aliens.
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