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A Personal History of Cryptids

Posted by PerTenebrasLucemQuaero , 04 August 2012 · 1,188 views

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As a small child I would spend summer evenings running through my backyard, barefoot. Since I was a good girl, no one worried about me falling into trouble, so I had free reign of the property (so long as I made it back into the house at sun down). My eighth summer of life, I spent my days playing with my brothers, talking to the flowers, climbing trees, and being a free spirited child. When I went off on my own adventures, it was usually to the creek at the back of my grandmothers property. This is where my history as an explorer of the unknown began...
One early June evening of that summer, my older brother and I were playing by the creek. After an afternoon of catching frogs, he decided to head back to grandmothers house to have a quick nap. I decided to stay at the creek. It was a hot day and I wanted to keep my feet in the water and play with the turtles. About fifteen or so minutes had passed, when I started to notice a strange singing sound coming from the opposite bank of the creek.
The brush was a bit thicker on that side, so I couldn't see the source of the singing. That is the best way I can describe it. "Singing". After narrowing my eyes, searching for the source, I saw him. From the brush, a small, furry, little teddy bear man timidly crawled out of the brush. I say teddy bear, because he seemed like he would be very soft like a teddy bear. The best way I could describe what he looked like was like an ewok from Star Wars, but smaller. It seemed like this teddy bear man would have been gone just below my hip in height. Maybe, 2 1/2 feet tall?.
I never really felt scared. I just remember standing on the bank of that creek, mouth agape, watching this teddy bear man just walk around the brush. Even as an eight year old  I thought to myself , "I am crazy. This is crazy. My mind is making up little teddy bear men." So to stop this bizarre hallucination, I shouted, hey! You!." The little thing picked up a stick and started chewing on it, all the while talking or singing to himself. I could understand him. It didn't seem to be an animal call. It seemed like a language. Like he
was out working and decided to sing to himself to pass the time.
The little guy seemed to notice me and shrug. He then retreated back into the brush. The whole experience lasted about a minute, maybe.
For several days, I said nothing about the situation. It confused me. Although I was a child that loved to make believe and pretend, this situation just didn't make sense to me. I didn't return to the creek for a few days. I started drawing pictures of the little teddy bear man. Like an ewok. No clothes. Big ears. Huge. Like they stuck out of the sides of his little round head. Brown fur. Black eyes like buttons. What could this thing be? My oldest brother found my drawings and began to ask about the origin of them. He was the first person I told about the happenings at the creek.
The next morning my oldest brother, my second oldest brother, and I set out to the creek. We brought an systematic camera with some old film and a bb gun. I told them that I thought he might be friendly, but they insisted we bring it for protection. We got to the creek at about noon. And waited...waited...waited. We passed the time by swimming, catching frogs, and climbing up into the willow trees that grew by the bank of the creek. At about four o clock, my oldest brother decided it wasn't real and left.
My other brother and I stayed behind. We stuck our toes into cool waters of that muddy creek. And then it happened. We heard that little sing song voice. I asked if he could hear it and he nodded. We stayed very quiet, and sure enough, that little teddy bear man walked right out of the bushes and to the edge of the creek. My brother turned to me, with a very dopey look on his face. "I told you!" I mouthed to him. We watched for about a minute, and then my brother stood up. The little teddy hear man became very stiff. My brother picked up a rock and hit that poor creature in the back of his head. The little guy fell backwards into the creek and made a noise like, "whhhhooooaaaa." He floated down stream for about a minute, regained his wits or whatever, and climbed out of the creek.
We never saw that little guy again. But he was my first sighting of a creature not recognized by modern science. Even to this day, twenty years later, I still do not know what he was. It sort of opened my eyes to a world that perhaps wasn't as modern as we all thought. That little furry creature at the edge of a creek taught me that nothing can ever be fully explained. We will always be seeking answers to questions that cannot ever be answered. This creature taught me that things aren't always as theyes appear and that I should never give up in seeking those answers. - per tenebras lucem quaero, through darkness I seek light means that in uncertainty there are bound to come answers.

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