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Lockdown Chapter 10

Posted by Xanthurion2 , 04 September 2013 · 397 views

hospital lockdown chapter ten final

    Finally, the time had come. After discussing our plan, waiting for nightfall seemed like a bad idea. The hospital's lights were still on but if the power shut off for some reason, none of us had flashlights or even cell phones. A fact I still found hard to believe. So it was decided: at four o' clock we get the **** out of this place. We grew more and more restless as the hour approached. Passing the time with idle chatter about what we were going to do when we get out. I knew what I was going to do. This story has to go in the paper one way or another. Written and edited by Lance Carter. What I didn't know at the time is this whole event was a lot deeper than a few people trapped in a hospital waiting room. Oh no, it was much bigger than that. Everyone else had the same plan: go hug their family and never take freedom for granted again, all that bull****. They weren't looking at the big picture. I was. I knew something big was going on. This was no accident. And these doors are not standing in my way anymore.

    It was decided that we break into Jane's receptionist area first. So we did. I let Tim do the honors. His face had the biggest grin I've ever seen as the chair crashed through the pane of glass. Once he was in, he unlocked the door and we all got to work. Checking the phones, reading files, trying to guess the password on the computer. All for nothing. The phones didn't work, the files were useless and no one could guess the password. Locking the computers must have been part of the lockdown system.

    After a few failed attempts kicking the door to the hallway from the reception area, Tim knocked it down by ramming into it shoulder first. He and the door fell to the floor. I heard Ria yelp when they went down. Tim got up rubbing his shoulder. First order of business was to find where they keep the slings and other medical supplies. Luckily for us, the doors to the outpatient rooms were unlocked. In the first one, we found a sling for my arm. Thank God too because I could barely hold it up anymore. The pain was almost unbearable. Once I had that settled as comfortably as it was going to get, and Ria grabbed a first aid kit and some other supplies that she stuffed in her tiny purse, we moved on. We checked all the rooms we came across and found nothing. I noticed something strange as we were searching: it seemed like there were no other patients. No other people at all in the place except us. There was only silence but in the air lingered something else. An unmistakeable feeling of dread and absolute terror. The uneasy atmosphere continued to increase in severity as we opened door after door and still we found no one. Nothing to give us any idea of what was going on. And then we found something.

    Tim and his grandmother were on one side of the hallway, checking rooms while Ria, Eddie and I were on the other side. As we reached the first turn, there was one more room to check. It was the janitor's closet. I opened the door. A broom and the body of Jane the receptionist collapsed to the floor. I heard Ria scream. It was a bloodcurdling shriek like the ones in the horror movies when the killer is about to take his next victim. Tim and Mrs. Hickory quickly joined us. I shielded Eddie's eyes. Ria latched onto me. The old lady looked away, hand on her chest. Tim just stared. Jane's face was frozen with a look of shock and horror. Her skin was pale. I started to drag her lifeless body out of the closet when I felt it. A pulse. It was faint but I was sure I felt it.

    I pressed my fingers to her wrist. Yes, there it was. Jane's heart was still pumping blood.

"She's alive." I said relieved as I turned to face the others. "Her heart's still beating." I helped Tim move her to one of the empty rooms and put her on the bed.

"What's wrong with her?" Tim asked.

"I don't know." I said. "She's alive, that's all that matters." But I knew that wasn't true. We decided to leave her there until we found a doctor. So without further ado, we continued our search.

    We turned the corner and there standing by an open door, was a gray-haired doctor.

"That's Dr. Haxon!" Tim shouted. The doctor ran into the room and shut the door behind him. I ran to the door, opened it. Nothing. No doctor, just a normal looking hospital room.

"What the hell?" I asked the empty room. The room didn't reply. We entered the room and began searching. And that was when Old Lady Hickory fell to the floor. Her skin was pale. A look of abject horror was frozen on her face.

*Note: This is the last chapter I will be posting online. So unless you are special, you will have to wait until it is published to read the rest.

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*Probably a good idea.
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