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Posted by White Crane Feather , 18 June 2013 · 308 views

I was getting gas after finishing up my classes today. It's late about 9:30. As I am pumping gass into my truck this woman on the other side of the pump catches my attention. She is beautiful no doubt, but that's not why she catches my attention. I know so many families I' think' I know everyone and she looks familiar. I must of looked a little to long. Im very sensitive to shifts in posture, body language, emotions, and tiny details that other people might miss. It probably comes from working my whole life with people.

I know she noticed my gaze. I feel bad because it's at night, and I did not mean to make her feel unsafe... But wait. That's not what I'm reading from her. She is to relaxed.

As I finish pumping gas. She approaches me about the emblem on my shirt. It's a martial arts logo, I designed it myself though from a distance Somone would not know what it ment.

I tell her it's a martial arts logo, she smiles.

"I thought it looked like something disciplined" I'm trying very hard not to be flattered, but she is a master. Sort of tripping over myself mentally but trying to pull it together, I say yeah it's for -- the name of my school-- she asks if im a student. I tell her that I'm the owner. She smiles more. I can't help but get lost in her face.

Keep in mind in a maried man, but that does not mean I do not notice beauty when a see it. I have very high reguard for women and their elegance... You might say I'm a fan but not in a vulgar sense. More like how Somone might appreciate art. Indeed the art work of god. I have the same reguard for the beauty in children.

She says some small talk that she is a kindergartner teacher ( o god im a sucker for teachers, especially teachers of young children) and some of her boys  do martial arts. I smile back and remind her that it's for girls to. We talk a few minutes more then I tell her nice talking to you and I leave.

I drive away with a huge smile on my face. What just happened? I know many beautiful women and im happily maried to one, but this random woman simply melted me. It had to be nothing other than sheer kindness. She must have thought i had been "checking her out", and decided to make my day a little better. That's not what I was doing, but she definantly did. It was not even her attention that got me, it was simply her willingness to make me feel good and give me the time of day.

I don't think she was attracted to me. I don't usually draw the attention of women outside of women that are attracted to men in leadership roles  and my facial hair is getting a bit long, the shirt she was looking at was dirty, and my face is scratched up from a crash on my mountain bike that nearly took out a tooth. On top of it, she could clearly see into the back of my truck... And for lack of a better word.... I'm a slob.

I was just stricken with her. Her elegant face and kindness has me enchanted. I'm maried and i love my wife, but that does not mean that I must demonize the parts of me that appreciate women.

I am so glad their are women like that in the world.

Thank you god.

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