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I love the morning

Posted by White Crane Feather , 06 September 2013 · 250 views

I love mornings. In the few hours before the mad dash for school lunches and breakfast there is this this 90 minutes of heaven. It depends on the day and circumstances, but if the kids have not infiltrated our bedroom I might make love to my wife. She is perfect visage of a petite half Spanish and half Philippina woman, who also is a marathon runner. I ended up with the girl of my dreams somehow.

Or, the kids end up in our bed, ( which is usually the case) Three little boys all in their underwhere  trying to cuddle with their parents. My two year olds little sleepy face snuggling in my neck, with my hell raiser six year old's leg wrap around me and clutching to my back, while my teddy bear seven year old has climbed under my legs and has his head in my wife's lap.

It's just a mass of loving skin. All of us in our under where in the warm glow of a new day.  

It's such a marked moment for me. I have grown very sensitive to the dashing world during the day. I am growing pessimistic about the way people live their lives in constant struggle and running around like ants in a rain storm. It weighs on me. Every face and soul seems in anguish and need. It grips me through the day, and I find myself with a heavy weight by the end of the day.

The morning is a release of that ...a calming time. A reminder that maybe it's not all for nothing.

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