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From: Mystery fire deaths blamed on the paranormal

Posted by ufonuts , in Evil Spirits and Ghosts 23 September 2012 · 10,705 views

View Postufonuts, on 23 September 2012 - 06:27 AM, said:

OMG, I really truly believe this happens all the time, not all the same way, but I believe that Ghosts or Spirits have an influence on everyone, all the time, some bad, some good, some neutral, but I definitely think that Evil Spirits can kill you in some way or another. Now here is a true story:

I have a friend who never drank alcohol, he does not like alcohol at all, nor did he like smoking of any type. After he got married in 2003, his new bride and he bought their first dream house, a beautiful colonial, 3500 Square foot, with a large yard and two car garage, they loved it. But soon there after, day by day he began to become agitated, irritable and grumpy, slowly day by day his mood worsened, after a few months he lost his job of 20 years, his wife was contemplating divorce, he refused to speak to her or go to counseling, he also refused to leave the house at all, he then started drinking a particular brand of Whiskey day after day and also started smoking a particular brand of cigars, and he hated cigars and he hated Whiskey, he soon was becoming a raging suicidal cigar smoking alcoholic. Then one day his wife came home from work and found him at the bottom of a very long staircase, he couldn't move, he broke his neck, collar bone etc., he apparently had fallen down the stairs, he was taken to the emergency room via ambulance, after spending a few weeks in the hospital he began to snap out of it, so to speak and he couldn't understand why he was doing the things he was doing. Luckily he eventually made an almost full recovery. His wife became very curious and suspicious and decided to delve into the history of the home they bought together as happy newlyweds. She discovered that the previous owners, a married couple about their age lived there for many years, the man was an alcoholic and drank the same brand Whiskey as my friend had, he also became grumpy moody and a raging lunatic and also smoked the same brand cigars. This man was found at the bottom of the same staircase by his wife, but only one difference, this man was dead. They sold the house, never to return, they moved elsewhere and life has been great ever since getting out of that evil house. So you tell me, coincidence? I beg to differ!

Frank Fresh from Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

Source: Mystery fire deaths blamed on the paranormal

Sep 23 2012 08:02 PM
I believe ghosts and/or spirits have influence over us as well.... I think the more we learn about it, or at least look at our actions, agitations, negative feeling etc, the more we can fend these off and/or use them for our benefit

meaning conquer the bad and embrace the good

I heard that some people talk to their angels
many people pray and talk to god asking for a hedge of protection

we must analyze our surroundings and make sure these things are in place
if we are feeling vulnerable
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