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The trouble of slumber

Posted by SpiritWriter , 10 September 2012 · 736 views

The trouble of slumber Luke and _______ stood over _______'s body while she was sleeping. Her face was at perfect peace and the rhythm of her breathing calm.

"She has not moved from this position for over 3 days. I know what she is doing, she is in training. She is in the realm of the spirit and we run the risk of loosing her all together if we do not something soon. Do not think for a moment that if she were to disappear, that that would make things better. For in the darkness of the night she would surely haunt you for what you have done to her." _______ looked at Luke sternly. "We must do something now Luke. She is becoming impossible. What does it look like that my slave disobeys me and frequently has spells where she is gone away. I tell the others that she is on missions for me but they know she is untrustworthy and undeserving. I would not want the others to get away with the same. I would hate to see the result of an uprising."

Luke scratched his head. He had known for a long time about _______'s difficultness. He was torn. In his fondness he wanted to keep her, in truth he wanted her for his own, but that didn't work so well. In his despair he wanted to force her into exile or murder her, but as it were, he had given her to _______ in hopes that she could make use of her.

"I have an idea." _______ continued. Her eyes were bright with anticipation. She knew what she was about to say would come as a shock but she also knew she could convince him. "Let us give her responsibility. A change in position will greatly change her attitude. She needs something to care for, to develop, to see to from start to finish. This will occupy her mind and keep her busy throughout the seasons and we wont then have to worry about what she is up to."

Luke continued to look down at the girl. _______ could see the compassion and the envy, both dark behind his eyes. She consoled him. "Luke, take her into your household. She is a master of the arts! Let her make a performance team out of your women."

"No!" He answered. "Absolutely not, she will train them all to be murderers."

"Oh Luke you give her to much credit. She does not hate you. If she did, would she not have killed you a long time ago, in your sleep when you were beside her, in her anger at being trapped by you in that little cabin? You and your household are of value to her. Through you is the promise of prestige for her son. Why would she commit such a gloomy act in his presence?"

"Are you sure she cannot hear us?" He asked.

"Yes I am sure, she is far from here now. She is in the land of magic, but come with me then if you are afraid. We can further discuss it in the study." She turned on the ball of her foot to glide across the smooth wooden floorboards. Gingerly she closed the door behind Luke who had followed her. At first he refused the tea that she offered him, saying he should be leaving, murmuring something about what _______ needed was a good beating. "Will you beat her then?" _______ laughed, and poured him some tea anyway, insisting he take a seat. They sat facing each other, each in a high backed, decoratively carved wooden chair. _______ smoothed her smock over her lap as she sat, her cup was beside her on an end table.

"Luke, _______ and that son of yours are all I have left and because of that I have made you my friend. You are a very rich man because of the expenses that I have had to pay and let us not forget about my leverages. Now, as you are already aware, _______ has fought and bought her own freedom and living a life like this, where she is constantly pretending is becoming too much for her. Look at the state she is in. Now, you can deny this to your father, your wife, your many mistresses and your friends, but I can tell, just by the look on your face that you are still in love with her. If you don't do something soon, she will stay away. More frequently will she visit the land of the shadows, and further will be the advancement of her abilities. Soon she will be nothing at all on this side but catatonic. At that point you will have to part with yet another slave to keep her living, as I am too busy and too important to stay by her bedside day and night. Now perhaps you are right. If she were over the other women, there is a chance she would empower them into a rebellion. But you must think of something and quickly. Perhaps you can put her in the nursery. This will certainly give her reason to live."

Luke sat, his hand seeming too large for the tea cup. He looked into the tea musing at its potency. He sipped it halfway hoping for some strange and magical effect but knowing none would come. These witches never shared anything, they just insisted on having their way. "Yes, I suppose if she were in the nursery it would keep her docile. I will make the arrangements for her to take shifts with the nanny for the time being. We will test it out is what I mean. I tell you the truth _______, if this plan of yours backfires things will not be easy for you. You said before that by keeping her here with you that you would be able to control her, but I see that task has become to much for you. I will take her back into my care, but I will still hold you accountable. What ever level of destruction may result from this, is the same about that you will bare. Are we clear on this?"

"Yes of course. And I will talk to her. I will get her to see the benefits of life with you in the manor. I'm sure having the chance to be with her son is just what she needs to keep her and all of us for that matter out of trouble."


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