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The Queen Of The _________'s

Posted by SpiritWriter , 08 December 2012 · 409 views

I am the queen of the _______'s. I have been sent to give word to the nations about the beginning of time and of the heritage of the one soul that was lost, but eternal, that always was and is to be found again. This is the story of all my children. I was born on the mountain under the first man and woman who had come direct from a star. I was the first born of the _______'s. Indeed I was the mother and father but I was also the child and I was curious in all my ways. As a pupil of my father I studied the stars and in my youth I tailed after my mother who put herbs and roots into her skirt pockets. I got to put my hand on all these things. My story is long and has been written time and time again, but with every telling it has lost it's meaning. Even I begin to feel lost at times, but then I remember, I am, and I have always been. Somehow I keep going on. There are times when there seems to be a deeper meaning and now seems like one of those times, for many things are changing and many things are becoming clear. There has been a prediction. A prediction that was made at the beginning of time and it has been my job to keep track of. You may say that I have been an arbiter of these events, for indeed it was I who first assigned them after seeing it's vision in the sky, by being the first to record it in the ancient books and in each generation I have been involved in the direction of it's causes, but - I do not claim authority over such things. I, like you, or any other created being am merely here to see the working out of what I knew had always been. You see, I was here for the division. I was here to see the separation of the light into darkness and I understand the avenues the soul takes under these various earthly incarnations, which are both, at the same time, propellations and the heaviest of all burdens. The midlands, which is where I dwell mostly, which is in the same place that evens out the night and day, can have some of the gloomiest of all seasons, but - there are times of extensive daybreaks and these are the times I will try to describe. I, being spirit, cannot speak directly from my mouth, but I must use a diviner and through my time I have used many of these. My first name, and the name I use until this day is _______.

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