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poem today

Posted by SpiritWriter , 19 December 2012 · 394 views

Let me take the paper
Burn it
And keep the answer secret
To hold it dear to only me
So it is forgotten
Though it is annointed
Though it is Holy
I will swallow it
Because it is the bitterest thing

I will let it muck up my mouth
With misinterpretation
I will miss while skewing
I will make a mess of my stomach pains

Hand what I have spilled
Over to be cleaned
We can stand behind
The shadow of that pout
And pretend that you are smirking
Stay right there scrubbing
Watch me go
As I come out

Shouldn't your heart have been open
Or is your conductor in the screen of your portable tv
Or do I stare from these beady eyes
That blink to the speed
Of your wallet growing empty

Have you yet
To come alive to see me
In the blood of your brother
And the warmth of his eyes
How big are his cheeks
I will never know
Only you have seen him
I am where the sun don't shine

I met him with my iron stick
I was the steel of the scepter
I was the abusing rod and I'm sorry I confused you
You would not listen
And I could not let you see me cry

I know that I exploded
In many ways
But to my defence
I tried to leave you in the safest jungle
And give you the tools

You have tolerated beasts
You have yet to overcome some
To test if you are a champion
See that you are alive
It is the strongest who survives.

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