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Posted by SpiritWriter , 07 December 2012 · 422 views

Oh why have you burdened me,
have you consumed me day and night,
that I may not eat or work or play without hurting
or sleep in the night without waking
to find you more possessive of my soul?

I have been made poor,
for the invisible folly of an archaic past
has swelled within my mind
and taken away my wisdom.

I am the laughing stock of man
for the greatest misunderstanding
of all the ages has burrowed
through my flesh and become my chasm.

Your pressure is that of the pot.
I have been reduced to nothing.
Why have you become so grueling?

Am I as Nebuchadnezzar?
Should I claw at the earth
or should I tear through my chest
to find out what you want from me?

I will.

And I would chase you down
if you ever were to part from me.
If you ran, it would be your swiftness
that called me to come after you.
In the streets they would say I'd gone mad.

Why am I not full
though day after day you fill me?
Should I desire death so that you would be nearer
or should I consider this wonderful breath
and from all things breathing draw from it?

Great poem.  Very powerful.
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Dec 19 2012 09:25 PM

Sunny Day, on 11 December 2012 - 11:06 AM, said:

Great poem.  Very powerful.

Thank you Sunny :)
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