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rambling poem today

Posted by SpiritWriter , 29 December 2012 · 421 views

They threw in red strands.
This was the life.
This was the spice.
This was the health of their stomachs
and their legacies surrendered to their kin.

They gathered around picnics
while bombs were dropping
and steel drums banged.
In these times their music persisted.
They called on me to get by.

You will too in the time of your exhaustion.
Do not think you are not wavering.
(You are washing by... downwardly)
Good bye my off-stream
and do not argue
and do not scream.
I will carry you in a blanket.

You will be my Moses.
You will be the king that looks like me.
You will be my right creation.
You are like a god.
My relection is in your eyes.
You shine my reflection.
I am your diamond
and your pyramid.
I am the full disclosure.
I am the color of everything,
your prism and drop of son.

The police were there with their big guns.
Only the city dwellers wore a smile.
They did their business
like they do when they get nine dollars
and share their perfume,
giving out birthday gifts to complete strangers.

Sometimes you have to shake it out
like I did when that strange man gave me secrets.
Grooming did not leave a scar
but just a rattled jar
and a dumping.

I became fresh again.
I renewed with the Lord
becoming right in spirit.
These were the words of the spirit.
They had to come in limerick
yet know one would understand.

That is why
they floated by
even while not rhyming.

Somehow - inbetween the letters
they romanticized.
They became apples and oranges.
They rubbed together.
They were sweet and tangy.
All they needed was some spice
and it would be alright.
All they needed was some pepper.

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