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Posted by SpiritWriter , 07 April 2013 · 902 views

rambling poetry rambling thoughts
The world cannot hear me
Each of their voices and opinions
are a million blades that would slay me
and gaze upon my flesh
but would they receive my love
if it was all i had left
If I offered nothing at all
but death
who but the earth
would receive me


I found that all I have is my mind
my only comfort
is to be comfortable within it
I am in the center
If I should matter
than these matters matter
and are of reason


I am not solid
I am not my body
I am etheral
I am only solid
in the centermost
where I should die
if it were exposed

I bleed
I strip and stand
beaten in the hail storm
calouses teach me nothing
scabs are only for protection
they are not what keeps me fresh


my boundaries were made for me
and I have accepted them
by choice
but unaware

who that chooses the boundaries
and delivers them
being aware
wears gloves


We don't get cut
as often as we bleed
our wounds
are given the mask
of our largest organ
to be open
is to laugh
to show emotion
is to smile
there is no storm
or tital wave
that can ruin the eye


do not think that the mystics of the past
were not over whelmed with images
in their most notable form,
they were visions the physical world would warp
land and dream would emulsify into a most accute reality,
always was there apprehension
as well as aww and curiosity
for this IS the place of the spirit.
We are always on the brink of a new reality


We are one cosmic star
Alone in the galaxy
We shine as we give off Love
everywhere else
we stink and fume.


within my heart is the fountain of God
it spouts from the base of his fertile tree
and waters the seed that he gave me


Hello my love
the endowment of my forever
my peace
my sword
my cutting edge
my sorrow eater

the center flame of my eternal fire


birth has been capsized
inward I go

a flipped balloon
drawn into me

I am not a part
I am an element
particles surround me
I am scientific

I am a big version
of a little version
and a little version
of a big version
I am I am and I am
I am as well

*blown away* Very nice SW.  I'm impressed.
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Apr 08 2013 03:35 PM
Thanks Oversword.. :)
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Apr 09 2013 05:11 AM
Beautiful!  I love all that you have within...a lovely soul indeed!
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Apr 09 2013 05:39 AM
Thank you NiteMarcher :)
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*pours a shot of whiskey*

~just right
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I see images of sorrow, longing, hope and a journey. you have a depth to your being that most never find.
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