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Posted by SpiritWriter , 07 August 2013 · 514 views

i dont know why i do it but i do
we can meet somewhere

how about right here
where I am vibrating

where my tone is your tone
and both of us are ringing


your bell is my bell


I have yet
to really exist on the plane that I seek
but I am there
part seeing
part feeling
part removed

I see you
higher than me
lower than me
in control
but big


my heart has grown
and has eyes

even in the thorns
and the bee hives
the sticks
and the snapping dark corner
that trapped our legs
and would have left us

food for the wolves

turns out wolves are nice guys


I have not been
eaten yet
by mosquitoes
by my own scratching
of the itching


you are not profound
only a small benefit

I begrudged the exercise


but somehow
a wave or some corner ray
cast its shadow
landed its light
through you
bleeding deep and green

you used your hands
to trim me
to pull me part way back

you left a little slack



If I press return many times
maybe a picture will be drawn.
Maybe readers and viewers would be able to read my mind.
Maybe they will see that I
am not
wasting my time
that they have clicked
on to a very advanced explanation of the reason of life

so advanced
that there was no explanation

but only stillness
the size of their chest
a red gem
shaped like an eye
filled with liquid

but that would never happen


they would be

gashed with glass
in a good way
in bandages


who haunts me when I sleep
and has sought me since a child?

sweep me into weeping
once more

take me to your water
the house of your cleanliness
the inner chambers
where I can no longer lie
to myself
about what is true

I am still on the first house from the corner.
A child.
Dependent on the wind and how it carries me.

but now I can speak to the wind.


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