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Biff's Rants, probably not so much raving


A Long Hard Look

Posted by Biff Wellington , 27 November 2012 · 378 views

Last night my father was rushed to the veterans hospital after having a mini stroke brought on by high blood pressure. His high blood pressure is caused by his heavy smoking, heavy drinking & poor diet choices. As many of you may know, a mini stroke is a warning sign screaming "The big one is right around the ****ing corner!"

This affects...


Over 15 years of musical bliss

Posted by Biff Wellington , 27 November 2012 · 262 views

Posted Image

AIn 1996, a 24-year-old from the suburbs of San Francisco released a hip-hop record that changed perceptions not only of hip-, but also recorded music at large. Endtroducing....., the full-length debut of the producer DJ Shadow, was constructed...


A Fallout Lore I wrote a little while ago.

Posted by Biff Wellington , 11 October 2012 · 529 views

Location: Punta Gorda in the Florida Wasteland

Today was bad beyond belief... If belief can be suspended in such a world. I lost the last of my brothers out here to some new abomination that I hadnot seenuntil last night. At a distance it seemed like an extremely large woman, & maybe at one time it was. I've always hated the large lazy slobs that...


Stay the Same/A Town Called Obsolete

Posted by Biff Wellington , 01 October 2012 · 372 views

I just wanted to share a song I enjoy by British producer/composer Simon Green aka Bonobo featuring up & coming British R&B singer Andreya Triana. It's been a long time since someone has come out doing a proper R&B & I'm glad to see it's not dead by the hands of pop.

Here is another...


I Lack Common Sense When Dealing With Women

Posted by Biff Wellington , 01 October 2012 · 622 views

I've always wanted to start a blog on UM & this seems as good a subject as any to start one with.

I've always been a bit naive in the ways of dealing with women. I have never had a hard time getting women but keeping them from getting upset with me is another story. It seems I manage to make every woman in my life angry, every chance I...

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