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Grrr says the Hippopotamus

Posted by Three , 05 October 2012 · 457 views

I was finally given a permaban from a dream site I've been apart of since 2010 for the reason of posting porn. The photo I posted was of a woman who spilled water on her white shirt, and I'm sure you can figure out the rest from there. I'm not upset with the fact that I was banned for this, I've been given many, many opportunities; banned several times and told on numerous occasions to 'knock it off'. No, the reason I'm upset is because this ban is permanent, and I genuinely like the people on that site.

There are 2 threads on this site in which 'hot photos' of females and ones of males are posted; each thread has its own layer of 'acceptance' given the length of time you've been apart of this site. Understand? So today when I signed in I was shocked to see that my account had been given the boot, because the photo in question, the very one I was banned for, was overlooked by Admin the day I posted it which was 2 days prior. I even playfully addressed the post with that photo directly to a female Admin with the caption, "Will this get me banished" and she said absolutely nothing. It wasn't untill this other mod, a mod which I've apparently wronged in the past, took it upon herself to make an issue of it. Now, I guess I should mention that I may have had a little bit too much to drink on that particular day, so my train of thought wasn't exactly PG-13 related, but having realized this I attempted to edit the post with that beautiful, voluptuous soaking wet female in it but couldn't due to the fact that my time for edit had expired.

Well, obviously it was of no use as I'm here b****ing about it on a Blog that maybe 2 other people will ever read. I've just really had my feelings hurt on this one, I thought those people were more 'liberal' than your average forum. The irony is poetic I suppose: an unapologetic conservative among a sea of hippies, yet I'm the one with loose values and even more questionable morals. Oh joy is this life.

TL;DR: It's just boobs man, come down from that cross, yeah?

Ever Learning
Oct 05 2012 06:47 PM
this guy sounds like trouble, some one call the Mods lol (Kidding)
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