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Stiff drink

Posted by Three , 11 October 2012 · 341 views

I've noticed that when I've been drinking I become more fluent as far as acceptance of what is. My thoughts stream from the abstract; seeping trough the filter I am able to see a level of beauty within the chaos unique to an awakened mind. The irony here is that even though I recognize this chaos, it's not untill afterwards I'm able to reflect on just how insane reality is and how overwhelming the obvious nature of God can be. I used irony here because once I've sobered up I no longer feel that connection to the abstract, and my understanding of God is that of an atheist insisting he/she doesn't care one way or the other on proving/disproving [its] existence, yet mentions God in every other sentence. I'm unable to bring that understanding into the real world where it would benefit many as oppose to a singularity that only my ignorance can comprehend.

TL;DR: It's an amazing script, but at times I fear there will be no sequel.

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