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I've just read 'the lost city of Z' by david grann

Posted by spursfan , 26 October 2012 · 407 views

I thought i'd write about this book which i have just read.

The lost city of Z by david grann is about the 19th/20th century explorer percy harrison fawcett. Fawcett, with his son jack and his son's friend raleigh rimmel, went missing in the amazon jungle in 1925, whilst searching for a lost ciy, which he named 'z'. Fawcett believed a lost...


conspiracy theory reviews

Posted by spursfan , 17 October 2012 · 302 views

denying history by michael shermer and alex grobman

One of the authors of this book is michael shermer, the editor of 'the skeptic' magazine and a who is a hard core rationalist and opponent of any supernatural or paranormal explainations of unexplained phenomena. In this book he and his co-author alex grobman look at holocaust...


ancient and biblical mystery books

Posted by spursfan , 16 October 2012 · 376 views


I'm going to write about two books i like for my first blog entry.I love books and i may write or review many of them here.

'From eden to exile' by eric h cline

This book is about biblical mysteries from the old testament. Mysteries covered include the location of the garden of eden, noah's flood, moses and the exodus, the ark of the...