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Voices Through Phone

Posted by MeritaH92 , 26 December 2012 · 373 views

My niece is only three and she has many playmates in her house. Last night she stayed at my house, she went to sleep about midnight and woke up crying at 3:10 this morning. Later this morning one of my younger sisters called the youngest and not long into the conversation my youngest sister couldn't hear anything through the phone until something said "Where's M**?" Talking about my niece. Its more clear whenever my sisters are talking. Just about 10 minutes ago my sister was on the phone in the bathroom and my youngest sister heard a scream over my sister and she sounded evil.

My sister feels that there are 2 spirits in her room and I feel one in my room please help!!

We are wondering whats going on were really starting to worry about our niece.

Talk to your service provider, sounds its interfering with another signal
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this could help if you do in fact have some ghosts in your home... get a bundle of sage light the sage until it is smoking walk through every room in your house making sure to tell the entities that they are not welcome there and demand that they leave , as you make your way to the front door of your home say it again and snuff the sage on your thresh hold.... i hope this will help if not you can do more research in this depart for other remedies to your problem... good luck!
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