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Dream Journal Chapter 4: Stealing Power

Posted by _Only , 27 October 2012 · 331 views

Night dream I was at [old friend]'s house and needed power or something. I was at main house, and he was in smaller building (where music studio was
in real life). Think this was his "house" in dream, and the big (main) house was mine. I snuck by his house to turn off his power to turn on mine somehow.
I think it didn't work, but I...


Chapter 3: The Window

Posted by _Only , 25 October 2012 · 247 views

Entry 3 In My New Dream Journal, after 3 dreamless nights.

Night dream I was in some house I'd never seen before, but this was my house. I had the blinds closed, but kept worrying that people could see
inside, and was paranoid, even though I wasn't doing anything inside that warranted worrying if someone coujld see. I remember looking out...


Chapter 2: Revisiting Old Friends And Watching A Sports Movie

Posted by _Only , 22 October 2012 · 299 views

A very  mundane dream, as many of mine are. I've left the spelling exactly as I originally typed it this early morning, for laughs.

Night dream I was down in a city I hadn't been to before with [edit: old friend], helping him move in. It was night. At some point I left there to go into
a gas station convenience store type place. I was...


_Only Dreams: Chapter I - The Crash, Escape, And Lift Off

Posted by _Only , 21 October 2012 · 566 views

I have decided to keep an online dream journal, in addition to the one I keep on my computer. I am always slightly paranoid that I will lose that text file, and lose memory of most all of my dreams, so I'll start this to coincide with where the other journal left off. I will make additions as the dreams come, as I write them down as soon as I wake (and...

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