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Chapter 2: Revisiting Old Friends And Watching A Sports Movie

Posted by _Only , 22 October 2012 · 311 views

A very  mundane dream, as many of mine are. I've left the spelling exactly as I originally typed it this early morning, for laughs.


Night dream I was down in a city I hadn't been to before with [edit: old friend], helping him move in. It was night. At some point I left there to go into
a gas station convenience store type place. I was working there now somehow, and a girl came in looking for a refund on some item. I wasn't sure
wjat item she was talkinga bout, but eventually found out. I was econd person to try to find it; the last person couldn't. She was appreciative,
and now she was the worker and I was the customer. She mentioned when looking att he register that she had my phone number but would keep my
social security number secret. I felt good as I felt like she was hitting on me, but felt bad knowing that my social sexccurity number was
in some random store's compauter where any worker could see. I left store and went to my car, as [old friend] showed up. Had a bit of trouble finding
car, but I found it.

Later it was a different day, and I was walking to [another old friend]'s house. Remember walking along a tight marshy kind of road, and crossing a road
where cars were driving by, on a crosswalk, and felt it was a bit dangerous. A car stopped to let me by and I was appreciative. I showed up
at [old friend 2]'s house and think someone was in back room with door shut. I stayed in front room as I didn't want to bother them, and was sitting
looking at a computer screen that was turned on. The back door room opened, and [old friend] walked out surprised to see me. [old friend 2]and [old friend 3] also
came out I think. Later we were all in kitchen, as they were getting ready to have dinner. [old friend 3], or some girl, introduced me to a little boy.
I said hi to him, but felt a bit uncomfortable,as I hadn't seen him before. I was sitting in a low chair by stove while others wwere at table
accross room, and boy was standing by me. Told him this chair was a good spot to be at in a funny way, saying something like you could really
get the lay of thje land sitting here, and think he laughed.

Later, was dreaming of some foorball game played by teens. There was some player who really messed up, as he had bad hands holding the ball. He
was wondering why everyone was mad at his playing. Then flashback to him dropping the ball into an opposing player's hands, who ran fora
touchdown. The player said some girl team player said she was going to fix it, but also that she was a girl, in an insultingly joking way.

--- 10/21/12

I dream of old friends often. Also, like in this dream, the dreams are involved in different houses than we have ever been in before; yet I consider them the usual place in the dream. As usual, I sense an air of symbolism thick in my dreams, but also as usual fail in being able to accurately translate that symbolism. But I was just thinking last night (after reading another exciting chapter of 'Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity Of The Soul') about how our dreams are  likely the "non-physical" part of ourselves thinking and communicating with our somewhat conscious selves in the only way it knows that we can seem to understand it; in a "physical" (or "real life" way). I think this is why I feel that thick sense of symbolism in the mundane "real life" type situations and settings in my dreams. I think there are messages behind the scenes that I may or may not be observing consciously and/or unconsciously.

Also, the "little boy" type is often a mysterious character in my dreams. I think it might be symbolizing the young me.

The last part of the dream (or might have been its own dream) was another type of dream I very rarely have, yet find compelling. A dream that I'm not in. It's like I'm watching a movie, but there's no sense of "self" in the dream. I hope to have more of these.

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