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Dream Journal Chapter 6: Bumper Cars In The UK

Posted by _Only , 30 October 2012 · 330 views


Night dream I was in car stopped behind a van of some type. I was watching a man waiting by the rear door of the van to open it up, but he was
just standing there. Finally the van moved forward a bit, and the man opened the door, tossing something in (a jacket I think). I was in front
seat (maybe drivers seat) but now I was in back seat (maybe in the van), and while we were stopped I heard a crunching crash, and felt someone
hit us from behind. We had also run into and hit the car in front of us, but the person behind us caused it. We all got out and I now realized
we were in the UK, as there were British policemen just ahead on the road, standing in a group talking. They came over as we got out. Then from
behind some man was saying things to me but I couldn't understand his slang. He asked if I was "Americana" and I said yes, and moved to sidewalk.
He seemed to be a car rental person, and was off to get us a new rental to drive. As we waited under cover of an old looking building (the area
was gray and cold it seemed), I wondered what car they would bring us. I thought it would be an SUV then figured it would be a Land Rover or
Range Rover. Then I thought how bland and uncomfortable the backseat of one of those were. --- 10/29/12

The thing I found interesting about this dream was that I was seeing through the eyes of the person driving a car behind the van, then moved to a person sitting in the back of the van. I wonder how many times in my dreams I make "jumps" like this without really realizing it. Or if it even matters, as if dreams are just stories where the situations matter, not the actors. My favorite part was the "Bobby" coming up and jabbering something to me in British slang. I can't remember what he said now but just that it was so unintelligible that it had me befuddled in the dream.

The symbolism of me not only going from being in the driver seat to riding in the backseat of a car, but planning how comfortable my backseat stay would be in the next car, was slightly unsettling.

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