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Dream Journal Chapter 7: The Demon

Posted by _Only , 31 October 2012 · 252 views


Night dream I was in the backyard of a house with a girl. I had been in this backyard in multiple dreams before. We were just hanging out there
at night. I noticed something walk by to the left by the side fence as I was facing the direction of the house. I got the strong sense that
this thing wasn't human, like a ghost or demon kind of thing. It turned its head to look at us as it silently walked by and to the side yard,
out of view. I asked the girl if she had seen it too, and she had. I was very freaked out by it.

Later I was in my house (real house) and some of my family was there. My grandma and aunt were in the dining room, and my dad in garage. He was
building some type of small thing there. I passed by him in garage to go outside, and the side yard seemed the yard from the last part of dream
(with the ghost thing). As I went back in garage, he was gone and had left the thing he was working on (hard to say what it was, but some
wooden thing). I took it into my room. As I went in, I saw my aunt in my room looking to the closed bathroom door across, and let me in room
looking a little startled as she left when I came. As I was in room I heard my dad asking where his thing he was building was, and they didn't
know. I then snuck back outside in garage and put it back, being uncomfortable that he knew I took it. I saw him come outside and see it, but
he didn't say anything.

Later, I was in my room (or some room that I felt was mine in dream) with a girl again. I was talking to her again about the ghost thinhg we
saw, and she did still remember. I was getting scared as I recalled it, and noticed my bed was slightly shaking, like from a small earthquake.
It did this multiple times, and I knew it was the ghost/demon doing this. This woke me up. It was a nightmare it seems, but I didn't really
feel scared when woken. I only realize now, 3 hours later, that it was a nightmare and I had woken up because of it. --- 10/30/12

Again, there seems to be a blatant symbolism of the contraption my dad was making, that I stole from him, but gave back. But again, I fail to figure out what exactly. It could mean many things, but I'd like to know, and not guess. This was the 2nd fairly recent "nightmare" I've had that woke me up, but I wasn't in a state of fear or panic upon waking. It was only after some amount of time remembering the dreams to realize they were nightmares. It's a weird thing.

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