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Dream Journal Chapter 9: The Experiment

Posted by _Only , 05 November 2012 · 383 views


Night dream I was working at some supermarket, and they wanted me to work on opposite sides of store a same time; at deli and bakery. Each
side was calling me to come back when I was at the other. I didn't know what to do about it and was stressed out, but ended up with some
kid at the deli area, having teach me something on a computer. I was just letting him do it so he could feel good like he was teaching me
something, it seemed. I was getting called during this, and was asked why I was spending so much time there.

Later, I was with a bunch of people doing some experiment. It felt like classmates with me but this wasn't any school. I had some cup of
water, and was putting some sticks in it, which was supposed to change the water color. This process was called 'tethering', one of the
others said, and we were having trouble getting it to work. I wasn't sure how to do it, and was trying hard to think of how to. I left room
and when I got back someone had gotten it to work.

Morning dream I was at some restaurant, a chicken place. I got a few chili dogs. Later I was at Safeway getting some couple food. There was
a lot of food on plate I was trying to get them, but trying not to mix up food and mess it up. They were nice and seemed to be polite about
me messing it up, and didn't say anyhting, were being nice.. --- 11/2/12

Supermarket dreams have followed me all my life. But usually I am a customer. Recently I have been working in them.

The experiment dream is classic me. Unsure of what to do; turning my back, and someone figured it out without me. These are things that bother me; not being able to figure something out.

Last part of dream I had this night was personal, so I left it out.

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