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Dream Journal Chapter 13: Follow The Little Girl

Posted by _Only , 15 November 2012 · 386 views


Night dream I was at some kind of rural type countryside place at night. I was outside with some guy, and there was a cash register there. I
was using it. The man was buying something, and gave me some coupon to pay for it. I didn't check the coupon, doing it fast, and thought he
might have fooled me with a fake or wrong coupon he gave me. But it was too late because I did it so fast. Later the man came back and gave
me another coupon type thing. It was for some type of hotel or bar or something. The man kept talking with me about what I was going to do
and where I was going to go. He really seemed to want me to have a good time. I told him thanks, but I was headed back the way I came. I
didn't want to tell him that I was headed back home. I ended up going the other way a bit to visit [my friend]. The man was still with
me I think, and as I got to [friend's] house I didn't want to go in, but didn't want the man to know, so I checked around the outside looking and
listening in. I heard a TV on inside. The house was a shack type of place. I then realized that maybe this was the wrong house and [friend]
was next door.

Morning dream I was at some house with fanily and a girl I didn't recognize. She was young. We were all getting ready to go somewhere, but
something was holding us back from leaving the house. We were all uncomfortable to leave for some reason. But the girl finally took the
initiative to go to the car, and kind of surprised us all. I saw her do this and decided I would follow her, and also went out and into the
car. I watched as the rest of the people saw us do this, and then they proceeded to leave the house and get in the car. I felt good as I
saw this and the car filled up. I had gotten into the back seat of the car, but moved to the front passenger seat after more got in I think.
As our car was driving away, I noticed that there was an empty SUV in the backyard. [relative] was driving our car and said that it was
[other relatives] SUV. He said they would be back some time, but he wished he could stay to wait for them.

Later, was with some man who was showing me brochures of a hotel. He worked on some TV shows where he travelled the world to search
paranormal things or something, and said he got deals on hotels. I don't know why he was showing me this. Either he wanted me to buy a
room, or wanted me to invest in something. I didn't want to, and felt he was trying to take advantage of me or fool me somehow. --- 11/14/12

The first part of the dream was pretty directly related to something that happened in the day before; a customer giving me a coupon for a free lunch or dinner at some restaurant, at work.   But where the story branches out from there is on its own road that I will have to think about more. I was not very trusting of this man, or the man at the dream at the end (maybe the same man in both dreams, not sure). I'll have to see if this scenario pops up again in some form.

The dream of us all being in the house afraid to leave was a very cool one. That little girl was special somehow, and was definitely the hero of the dream. I also felt special for being the first to follow her. It was this, I felt in the dream, that showed the others it was okay to follow me, as I had followed her. This feeling was symbolized in the dream right after, as I got into the backseat of the car, but moved to front passenger as the others got in. This was a rare dream that is opposite of most of mine. Instead of feeling confused and a bit hopeless, I felt happy, proud, and more sure of myself. These are good dreams.

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