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Dream Journal Chapter 15: Jackbucket!

Posted by _Only , 19 November 2012 · 755 views


Night dream I sat at a slot machine. I had gotten change, but felt a bit bad when I realized that the roll I had gotten was pennies. I opened
it anyway, and started to play. Pretty much every time I put pennies in, I got quarters paid out. I felt so lucky, and people started to watch
how much I was winning. I felt so lucky. At end, somehow the slot machine was open and I was looking inside. There somehow was a bunch of
chicken in the machine, among coins. --- 11/17/12

Every once in awhile, we just get that odd dream. That night was my night. I almost want to attempt to translate the pennies to quarters rush of wins with excitement building in the crowd around me, but then all I can picture is chicken. Random pieces of broiled chicken.

Professor T
Nov 20 2012 12:39 AM
a change @ work perhaps?
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Maybe something along those lines. I didn't think 'change' could be used to symbolize the other type of change. Interesting idea.
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Professor T
Nov 20 2012 07:07 AM
lol, I wasn't actually thinking along those lines..
Whenever I've had a dream of playing the slots it has always co-incided with a promotion at work, or a new source of income.. Back then dreams were very rare for me so when I did have one it was something I'd ponder for weeks to try and figure out what it meant.. anyhow, for me these were always accociated with a source of income, usually promotions or changes in what I did at work..
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Too late, you already tickled a part of my brain. Take a chance for change. Give yourself a push to change a little, and you might get a bigger change in return. Lol, this is fun to translate things in creative ways.
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