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Dream Journal Chapter 16: Floating, Jumping, And Falling

Posted by _Only , 21 November 2012 · 395 views


Night dream I was laying under the stars, suspended in the air on some floating object. I noticed there were others floating on objects around
me, laying looking up at the stars also. I heard one guy continue to say random things in an obsessive way. I felt bad for him as it seemed he
had no control over what he was saying over and over. Unfortunately, I can't remember the things he was saying. I also seemed to be
repeating thoughts in my head, but I felt like his repeated speaking was distracting everyone from my inner repeated thinking, which might be
considered just as odd to all of them.

Later in dream (or possibly another dream), I was on a bridge over the ocean. I was part of a team who was doing some kind of work on it.
[co-worker] was also there, but I had noticed that she got fired from working on it, by the owner. The owner seemed quick to fire his workers, and
while I felt bad for [co-worker], I didn't want it to happen to me. I saw her pass by where I was on the bridge, floating on something. I said hi
and she did also, and she seemed a little let down, but okay about not working on the bridge anymore. As I was finished doing whatever task
it was I was doing on the bridge, I went down to get off of it. This was a scary situation, as I got down to a certain point, and was just
hanging on some rope ladder or something similar, still very high above the wild ocean water below. I didn't know what to do, but then a
man in a helicopter arrived to help me down. My rope ladder was now connected to this helicopter, and he carefully flew down to a platform
across the distance. While he could get me near it, he was afraid to get too close, and was preparing for me to jump the gap. I was ready to
do this, but he stopped me. It seemed too wide a gap to him for me to safely make the jump. I said I can do it, but he said no, it's too
dangerous, as the chopper gets swirly when too close and tilts back. As we got close again, I figured out some simple and safe way to hop
right onto the platform (can't remember how, but I used something on the platform to jump onto). The man in chopper was impressed and happy
that I had made the jump safely. I felt good that I had figured it out also, and very happy that I was now safe.

Morning dream I was at work and called out as everyone not helping a customer in [place I work] to go out back for a delivery. I went out back and a
big rig was out there with some Christmas trees to unload. I think it was the day after Thanksgiving. They needed help, and for some reason
needed us to climb on top of the truck trailer. We did this. Eventually they wanted us to jump back down. It seemed a huge jump down. A stocky guy
did this and fell on his face after landing, looking badly hurt. I felt bad for him and a bit scared that this could happen to me. [another co-worker] was
on top with me still, and was really acting attracted to me. She had climbed on me in a sexual way while we talked, and asked me if one day
sex would be the most important thing in the world, or something similar. I thought about it, and said that in a way, it is already. It's how
we have babies, spreading life, and is also pretty fun ( or something similar). She was getting ready to jump down and handed me her iPod. I
tool it, but she wanted me to hand it back. She seemed floating in front of the truck trailer now. I was apprehensive to hand it back, as I
was pressing myself down, laying against trailer top, very afraid that I would lose my balance and fall. But I handed it back, and worked up the
courage to climb down the trailer, hang off edge, and jump down to the ground. I was surprised when it wasn't even a big drop at all, and I
easily made the jump. --- 11/20/12

This was an action packed night/morning of dreams. I remembered more of them than I usually do, though I still mainly get the left over details of the dreams that haven't faded away. But writing them down has become so helpful. I will remember a thing or two of one of the dreams, think it will be next to nothing in writing, then realize after starting writing that I had remembered not only many parts of the dream, but 2 others also.

The first dream I only remember a snapshot style memory of me looking to the right, seeing stars above, and others floating on some chunks of something nearby me. I don't remember the man now, or what I was thinking, and reading what I wrote is the only memory I will likely have of that part. The way that someone else's (I consider that man possibly another part of me) vocal rambling was blocking others from hearing my inner thoughts is intriguing to me.

The next dream was wonderful. It is the opposite of most of my dreams, and rare, because I was part of a scary situation where I didn't know what to do, but figured out a solution, and succeeded. The good feeling I felt at the end of the dream was strong. Scary situations being on bridges extremely high up over a wild ocean is a very common dream setting for me. I am almost always fearing falling off of the bridge into the water, and usually off balance in these dreams, fearing the height of the potential drop. Also, it isn't the fear of drowning that affects me so much about the ocean in these dreams, as much as just being in the ocean. I admit I have a strong waking fear of being in the ocean. It's an extremely large, powerful, unknown place to me, with unknown creatures (well, unknown to my physical self floating with them in their habitat). I have fallen into the water in more than one of these dreams, but this is the first one I can recall where I made it safely off of the bridge to another side. The man in the helicopter I am wondering about. I had another somewhat recent dream of falling down a bridge over the ocean that had broken when some kind of meteor or bomb hit. A man (well, "another guy my age" I meet sometimes in my dreams) pulled me and my car up out of the gap as others fell down through the hole into the water below. I wonder if the helicopter man was the same type. Whatever the case, while I still needed his assistance in this dream, I was able to make the last jump on my own, without any more help from him. He just got me as close as he could, but I took the leap of faith.

The last dream is a bit embarrassing because of the subject matter and it involving a girl at work, but again, it was another dream of being on something, afraid of falling, but finally deciding to jump off, and safely landing. I still have an image of the stocky guy falling and landing on his face. It seemed such a high fall. But when I climbed down and hopped off it was not even far, not even painful to my feet.

An interesting common factor in all of my dreams this night/morning to me was that in each of them was someone floating. I'm not sure what the significance is to that, but I found it kind of cool to have a common thing like that in 3 dreams in a row. That's never really happened for me before.

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