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Dream Journal Chapter 18: Finding a Path, a Song, and a Jerk

Posted by _Only , 25 November 2012 · 323 views


Morning dream I was visiting some man's house in a far away state. I was taking him to go do some work somewhere and was driving his motorcycle
to his house to get some papers. He got the papers and went inside to grab something, telling his kids about what they could eat for dinner.
I was looking at his dog on the other side of gate and a bit scared it could jump through and hurt me. It looked a bit scary. I noticed the
papers had fallen in a puddle so I grabbed them. I told him this happened when he got back but he didn't mind. We left and I was having
trouble finding a goo path on the bike. I was a little angry that he wasn't guiding me and just letting me constantly block myself and have to
turna round. I think he thought it was a bit funny.

Later was in a house with a few family members. I was trying to figure out a song with my sister that I found very meaningful
in an interesting way. It was something about the lyrics or music video that had some prophetic message or something. My sister was trying to
search for it on the internet but couldn't find it. I told her I would look, sure that I could find it quickly. I also had a lot of trouble
finding it. I knew the band was Chronic Future, but the song eluded me. I had seen the song "Illusions" (not a real song) and was sure I had
found it, but it wasn't it. I saw a song with some tidal wave in the video that I found interesting, but that wasn't it. And another with
buildings falling to the ground into dust, but I don't think that was it either. I'm not sure if I found the song or not.

Later in this house there were a lot more people, lots of strangers, or at least I didn't remember them. I was sitting on the floor and
someone came behind me rubbing my back. I thought it was kind of odd and looked back, and it was some guy in his 50's. He was laughing like
he had fooled me into thinking it was some girl, and I wasn't amused, and a bit embarassed. Somekids were talking excitedly about some raffle
to win some portable game system. I was looking at some jar they had tossed tokens and change into, and they were telling me how I was going
to have a problem playing because of something I was wearing or something. I told them I wasn't even playing, and it took a few times saying
this for them to get it. Later, it turned out that what I thought was the raffle was actually some type of Amazing Race style game, and now
I was out in the city with these kids seeing them play. --- 11/23/12

Too tired to dive into this one anymore and it's a day old, so I'll just note that it contains a few things that I dreamed about the night before (motorcycles and tidal waves), and the recurring role of the 'older man', who seems someone I am constantly trying to impress in my dreams. The 'older man' joins the ranks of the other part of me ('another guy my age') and the female who helps me think about things (the 'girlfriend or a girl I like'). These 3 character types are of an interest and connected in my eyes, as I can never remember anything about how they look really besides what I labeled them. The older man not saying anything as I fumbled about trying to find a decent path on my bike and laughing when I complained he wasn't helping feels pretty symbolic.

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