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Dream Journal Chapter 20: Protests In The Park

Posted by _Only , 29 November 2012 · 339 views


Night dream I was outside in some park. There were two protests going on it seemed by two groups. It was funny to me because each group was
trying to get people to listen to it and join them instead of the other. A few coworkers showed up, and [coworker] was there
fighting with our manager and some others about something (maybe choosing a different side in protest). It got pretty heated between [coworker]
and the rest of us, so our manager ended up telling [coworker] to leave the park. This made [coworker] mad and feel like we were all against her.
I felt bad for her but felt also like she had brought it on herself. I also felt bad about that, seeing she didn't even know she could have
avoided it.

Later I was in a supermarket I don't recognize. I was working there as a bagger. I didn't know what I was doing really (might have been new)
and I was called to a checkout line to help a checker, as all the rest of the lines were busy, and this woman was the only checker alone. I
started to bag the items of the customer, but was very bad at it. I was fumbling with all of the items, not sure what goes where, and just
being slow and very awkward in general. The checker helped me bag some of it, but I felt very discouraged that I was so slow and awkward, not
knowing what I was doing. --- 11/28/12

The first dream had relevance to some real life. This coworker of mine is constantly getting into drama because she takes things people say and do the wrong way, and kind of exacerbates things in a way they don't need to be taken, causing herself a lot of unneeded grief. The two groups of protesters I am not sure about, though. Probably just symbolizing two sides of an argument or issue.

The second dream was a typical dream of mine. I have always dreamed of supermarkets a lot (not any one certain type of dream, but just being set in a supermarket). And the being confused and feeling unsure of myself in a situation is a very common dream for me.

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