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Dream Journal Chapter 21: Killer Bees

Posted by _Only , 02 December 2012 · 338 views


Night dream I was at [home town]. For some reason we were talking about killer bees, and I remembered that the first reported killer bee sighting
and sting was here, and was witnessed by [old friend]. He was the first stung ever. I was telling someone this, and was amazed that it all started
here. Then I remembered a friend making some [illegal substance] here at some time with a big bowl and some kind of salad type vegetables. I decided to do
this also, and was making a batch for personal use. I was excited about this. --- 1/1/12

I don't know what being in my old home town with an old friend, and him telling me how he was a part of the first killer bee sighting and sting ever means, but I found it very interesting in the dream.

I still have drams of using [illegal substance] from time to time. I don't like them. In the dream I get that excitement and anticipation of using it. I don't want to dream about that feeling again. I wake up feeling dirty.

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