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Dream Journal Chapter 23: Dog Chasing Cars

Posted by _Only , 07 December 2012 · 318 views


Night dream of being outside in a parking lot a night. Was with some girl, and she was driving away in her car. Jackson (dog) was there, and was
running after her to get in her car. I wanted him to come with me as I watched him chase her. He couldn't catch her, and finally decided to
join me in my car. I was glad because it was cold.

Night dream I was at [work], and needed to make sandwich platter of croissants. I kept asking [co-worker] how exactly to make them, but she wouldn't
give me a straight answer. It aslo turned out we were all behind and running out of things. [manager] said she had let management know we were
all behind and under stocked and that they were sending more things. I now got angry as time was running out to make this platter, and [co-worker]
still wouldn't help me find out exactly how to make these. Customer was now watching me make them. --- 12/6/12

I don't remember the first dream even though it was this morning, but it feels a lot like 'some girl' is the recurring character in my dreams, alongside other recurring characters 'another guy my age' and 'some older guy'. But while the guy my age seems my equal, and the older guy seems always quiet and laughing at me, the girl often attempts to teach me things, which almost makes me think just her being in this dream was to teach me something. What it is escapes me. But apparently my dog liked her enough to want to join her in her car. He had to settle for mine, it seems.

The second dream is another typical me being confused and helpless dream, this time in my work setting, a place I am naturally often trying to do well in.

I've started to notice that I am remembering multiple dreams a night now. I used to just remember one a night more commonly, but now it seems the norm to recall at least 2 in a night. An they never feel completely like 2 different dreams, but more as a 'part 1, part 2' kind of feel. But I guess this is pretty normal in remembering multiple dreams in a single sleep session.

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