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Dream JOurnal Chapter 24: Lizardmen and Pony Tails

Posted by _Only , 10 December 2012 · 618 views


Was at work and some guy came up, asking for something. Right asfter he said it, his eyes shifted to the side like he was rolling his
eyes. I started to think this, but then he did it a few more times, then one eye a t once a few times. It reminded me of those reptilian
youtube videos, and I thought he was one of these, I got scared a bit. --- 12/8/12

Morning dream I was at work closing up, and this guy kept coming around asking for things. I had helped a few other customers and was trying
to get back to closing, but this guy with (I think) a blonde ponytail was at entrance/exit sliding door, and said something to me. I didn't
hear what he said, and he seemed in a rush. I said I'll be right with him, but he said something and went out. I said bye in an angry sarcastic
way, and he came back in. I felt a little embarassed and sorry, so I asked what he needed, but he said he'll be right back. I got back to
closing, then he showed back up again, now wanting a sandwich. I was a bit angry about doing it, but went to make him one. He was asking for a
certain type of bread, an 'english soft roll'. I looked at our bread, and there was only one type left, not our usual types. It was the bread
type he said, in a pre-packaged bag, a bunch of them. But when I pulled it out he said this wasn't what he wanted. I said this is the type you
wanted and this is all we have left, but he decided he didn't want it and left. --- 12/9/12

This entry was from two night/mornings. I admit I am getting sick of having dreams about work. I understand I spend the majority of my waking time there, but it is getting old. As I see it, dreams are just thoughts/feelings interpreted symbolically and sometimes literally through situations and settings you know. But I would love to get some more abstract dreams I have had in the past. The mundane gets old fast.

The lizard shifting eyes were a good creepy spook, though. A spook enough to wake me from the dream. which allows me to label it a mild nightmare. This I find interesting for two reasons. First, it's the second nightmare I've had where the climactic scary moment succeeded in waking me, but I didn't feel scared upon waking. The first nightmare where this happened was the last nightmare I had, some months ago. The second reason it was very interesting was that it was the first nightmare I can remember for years and years that didn't involve this very scary recurring witch type character. The last nightmare I had before this one (which I just mentioned not scaring me upon waking) was me in a graveyard with a family, finding a statue of the witch. The young boy of the family then grew long scary sharp fangs and chased me. I started to run but gave up seeing how fast he was coming up on me, and woke as his open mouth was an inch from my face.

The second dream from the next night I find just comical. Something about this guy with the ponytail, the way he acted, and the way I reacted just make me laugh.

Dec 10 2012 02:49 PM
I can somewhat relate, 3 years later and I still occasionally have dreams of this one place I used to work at. (funnily enough it was also a deli type place) .  Usually they involve not being able to get out of there because my boss wouldn't lock the doors and customers would still be pouring in 45 minutes after closing time. (Which would really happen sometimes) We hated her for that!  :P
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