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Dream Journal Chapter 25: Turning Off The Water

Posted by _Only , 13 December 2012 · 385 views


Morning dream I
was working with [co-worker] one night, seemingly just us two at the store, but we were both off doing different things. She seemed bothered the few
times I saw her, and when we talked at end of night she was saying how she was having a bad time after some customer gave her problems. But
she went to some place with elderly women and it calmed her down. I felt glad she could be calmed down by that, and also found it kind of funny.
I was attracted to her in the dream, and was looking for reasons to be around her.

Morning dream I was in my childhood home upstairs in my parent's bathroom. Although it was my parent's bathroom in dream, it was placed where
my sister's old room (which became my room shortly before I left house) was. I turned on the sink there and was doing something. When I went
to turn it off, I noticed it didn't turn off. I switched a light switch to try to turn it off, and it still wouldn't. I noticed it was spraying
hard now. I tried another light switch, and it still wouldn't stop. I was really getting worried now, as I didn't want them to know this
happened, and I didn't want them to know I was in here. I ended up leaving for some reason, and when I came back, the door was shut and locked
witht the light on inside, so I knew someone was in it. I felt bad that they found out I did that, and I was embarrassed. --- 12/10/12

Night dream I was walking wandering through an indoor/outdoor mall type place. I have been to this place before in dreams, and the mall setting
is a somewhat recurring dream setting for me. I can't remember what I was doing there, but I remember seeing some girls that looked familiar
(maybe from high school), and was nervous and self conscious that they were watching me, as they were walking behind me. I was attracted to
them, but acted as if I didn't notice them.

Later dream about buying a new car. It was a Volkswagon Golf. I was excited to see how fast the car was. --- 12/11/12

The first dream of the 10th was a pretty straight forward dream of the past days events, but a much more stripped down, blatant version. Some feelings and thoughts I had that day transferred to this dream, and the setting didn't make itself very creative. The elderly women part was interesting, though. Just because the next night I was thinking of a good gift to give my dad for Christmas, and I remembered my grandma saying it would be cool to give him a photo I took for a gift sometime. I thought about it, and realized he would love a nice artful photo of her to keep, so I decided to make plans to see her to take a few photos. We are deciding to bring my step mom's mother over, too, so she can be in some photos of the 2 together maybe. Just me and the old ladies for a day out. This whole plan for the gift makes me happy and calmed me down of worrying about finding a good gift for a few. I'm glad I could be calmed down by that, and also find it kind of funny.

The parents house dream was a typical me dream. Me in a situation where something happens and I am confused/helpless to find a solution, and feel pretty hopeless. Not wanting others to know something I did or even me being there is also a recurring dream scenario. It could have many symbolic connections to my waking life feelings and thoughts.

The mall dream I really didn't remember much of anything about upon waking. I just remember the girls behind me walking and vaguely part of the mall setting. I remember an outdoor section with some kind of entrance to a subway tunnel. This is also a familiar place in dream for me, but just a vague familiarity.

The last dream I had forgotten until reading now, and by far the most provocative to myself. Just because this is the second somewhat recent dream I've had of buying a new car; a Volkswagen Golf in both dreams. This is odd because I have no reason in waking life to want to buy this certain car in particular. If I was to buy a new car, there would be many others I would rather choose, and I don't even think about that particular car as anything interesting or compelling in any way in 'real' life.

So I'm not sure why this new Volkswagen Golf is showing up in my dreams. But a huge part of what makes any dream of this new car compelling is the first dream I had of buying it and taking it for the first test drive (also 'how fast it could go' being a thought in that previous dream). I was on the freeway driving it fast, and quickly realized traffic was stopped dead in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. As I screeched toward the rear end of the car stopped ahead of me, just before I crashed into it, my 'view point' switched from inside the car, to in front of the car I was about to run into, looking back. I saw my car hit the back of that car, looking back from in front of it. I was sure my car was demolished form what I saw, and that I had surely died. Then I woke up. Very interesting dream, as it was the first where I had 'switched' view points right before I died.

And now I've had a second dream of buying this same car, and was about to go on a test drive, 'excited to see how fast the car was'.

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