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Dream Journal Chapter 28: Fallout 2

Posted by _Only , 18 December 2012 · 463 views


Many dreams this night. I had three I remembered upon waking, but now 15 and a half hours later, I only remember a vague part of the second (my
mom reading some book), and the third. This one was odd, because it was me seeing a video game scene. It was Fallout 2. Now I can't tell if it
was supposed to be me being the character in the game, or me playing as the character, because all I could see was the game 'screen' and it
was hard to distinguish something like that. I just know it was me (as the player character) and a blonde woman in a room. I think we were both dressed in these 'vault
suits'. I noticed her come up to me and try to steal from me (something that is done in the game). I kept trying to move away, and she would
chase after me and try to steal again. I got angry that she wouldn't leave me alone, so I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine, and
stole something from her as she was attempting to steal something from me. I remember seeing in her inventory what it was I was stealing, but
I don't remember what it was. I thought this was funny, and ran away from her, and of course she continued to chase me and try to steal from
me again. --- 12/17/12

This dream was interesting to me for two reasons: first, it was a dream about a game I haven't played in a long time, and hadn't even thought about in a long time. It just showed up. Secondly, this is a case of me waking up to a dream memory, not writing it down at all until 15+ hours later, and still remembering as much as from when I had just woken up. I remember
the room, the girl, myself, and the situation. This is cool. If I was to guess, I would think that this was anotehr dream of symbolism, for some reason set inside a game I hadn't played for a long time. A girl kept chasing me, trying to take something from me. I continuously tried to run away from her, and eventually decided to take something form her as she tried to take something from me. I succeeded, and ran again. She continued chase still. Who was the woman, though?

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