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Dream Journal Chapter 30: Savannah Stress

Posted by _Only , 30 December 2012 · 332 views


Night dream I was in an open forest/plains type setting. I was zoomed in with a camera, watching a lion or tiger chase something. As it ran
nearer to me, I realized it was dangerous, and zoomed out. I think it noticed me and I got scared. As I looked around now, I realized there
were more wild animals around in my immediate vicinity that were also a threat. Tigers, hyenas, zebras, etc. All dangerous and scared me.
Everywhere I turned, I saw more and more threats, and started to run to excape them. No matter where I turned I couldn't find a safe spot, so
I kept moving. But I realized that I wasn't going to be able to get away, and as I ran, more and more of them started to notice me and get
interested. I then woke up. --- 12/28/12

I didn't like this dream. Because I was afraid in it and running away for one, but mostly because I have had this dream before and felt completely different. When I had this dream in the past (multiple times), although the setting and animals were slightly different (a more closed in forest path and bears also included in the previous dreams), it was basically the same idea of me finding dangerous animals at every stop and turn, and me constantly moving around and changing my path to avoid them. But in the past dreams, this was a fun exciting endeavor. I would find creative ways to avoid the dangers, sometimes even defying gravity with massive jumps and some flying. But this time, I did none of that, and was just afraid and wanting to get away.

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