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Dream Journal Chapter 32: The Little Girl

Posted by _Only , 04 January 2013 · 315 views


Night dream I was at someone's house. It was a girl and a guy, and the girl was showing me outside how this big drain was starting to get
clogged. I saw and it didn't look as bad as she thought it was, and I drained it out some. Later, this house was now a run down house, and
I was in it with some friends. I think these were new friends I had just recently met. There were like 5 of us and we were smoking some [plant]
here. There were also some cats there, and I went outside to go find a big, slow, fat one that had left the house. I found it outside a ways
out, and brought it home. It came on its own, but I just walked with it, sort of leading it on. Back at the house, there were more people there
now, and they were all smoking [plants]. I went in and did some more with them, and then before I left, I stole a few [large plant cigarettes] that were on the
ground. I was cautious that someone saw me do this, and was trying to be sneaky.

Morning dream I was with my family (mom, sisters, stepdad) and we were at my old high school. We were coming back to visit for some reason, and
were looking for anyone we could meet for sentimental value it seemed. I split off from them at some point, and went outside a room at front of
school, by parking lot. This was the music room (in the dream only) and I looked for anyone I knew coming out as they all walked out now. I
didn't know who I was looking for, but then thought of the teacher, and looked for one of my old guitar teachers. I saw it was a new teacher,
but as they all walked out, someone noticed me and said 'hey Matt'. It was a kid who I remember from senior year in my computer art class. I
might have been with him in a year of guitar, too. For some reason he was here (same age as back then), and I was happy to have met up with him

As I went to leave the school, I got my car and was having trouble getting out somehow. As I got out to the road by the school, I noticed it
was a very steep uphill drive. I was worried my car might not be powerful enough to keep speed up it. As I went toward it, something extremely
odd happened. I realized that my car I was inside driving was now some type of weed whacker that I was now holding in my hand. I was
embarrassed that I had somehow made this bizarre mistake, and went back to get my car. As I got back to it, my mom and sisters were now in car.
Well, my mom at least. There were girls in the back, but they were very young and I didn't recognize them. There was also a baby girl, and the
girls in back were worried about how the baby might get shook around too much from the driving. I was worried about this and tried to be

I drove up the steep road out okay, and we reached some type of opening in a fence for cars, with a small tower type structure
building next to it (this spot and area in general familiar from past dreams). We got out of the car for some reason, and I had lost my mom and
the others. A woman appeared by the tower and opening next to my car, and was asking me if I had seen a little girl. She showed me a picture
and said this little girl had gone missing. The girl in picture had blonde braided pigtails, and was very skinny. After seeing the picture
I felt love for this little girl, and felt very sad for her being missing. I started to get emotional, but during this I realized it and was
thinking about the woman seeing me do this, and made sure to make her notice I felt emotional. I didn't like this, as it detracted from the
true emotion I was feeling, and made me feel like I was being fake. I felt bad about thinking like that, yet I still felt real emotion for the
girl. I somehow knew (or felt pretty sure) that she had been abducted intos ome type of slave situation. I didn't like this at all. I told the
woman I would keep look out for the girl. --- 1/3/13

The first dream I have from time to time. Me and many others in a large party type of scenario. Not much to say about it, except I didn't like the feeling of wanting a substance enough to steal and hide it. I only very vaguely remember the cat part, but this I found interesting. I have had a previous very symbolic dream about 'letting the cat out of the van'. If this cat in this dream is related symbolically, it likely represents a part of me that I was trying to find because I want to keep it. I like the fact that I was able to find it, and lead it home. But I also liked that I didn't have to force it home after finding it. I just had to go with it, and it was able to find its way calmly and freely.

The next dream had a lot going on, and I still remember quite a few 'snapshots' from it. The first is being at the school parking lot. When all of the kids came out of the music room was another I can still see. I don't know why I saw this one kid I knew in my dream, other than that I just remember a pure good feeling I had noticed way back then when with him. He was so pure and almost innocent in his friendliness toward me, enough so that I still remember it now. I liked him for this. He was just pure in some way. I'm glad I saw him again after forgetting about him for all of these years.

The next part I remember, and was hilarious in its absurdity, was the point where I noticed the car (that I was inside driving) was somehow now a 'weed whacker' and was held in my hand. One of those dream things. I don't even know where to start translation on that one.

I also vaguely remember the little girls in the back of the car as I drove out with my mom. But what I remember most and what was most powerful of this dream was the last part. Stopping at the crossroads of some sort, and looking at the black and white photograph of this poor little blonde skinny girl with braided pigtails. She was so pure and innocent in the photo, and it just tore me up inside seeing her and knowing she had been lost (stolen). I have come to realize in waking life that I adore the vulnerable. If someone is somehow ina position of vulnerability or just that type of personality, I have a special empathy and/or sympathy for them to a very strong degree. I am this way because I am that type, very vulnerable myself in many ways. I just know that I felt this feeling for this little girl very powerfully in the dream, enough to move me to break down. But as I visibly broke down in my face, I was thinking at the same time how if the woman was noticing it and what she thought about it. I also do this in real life when feeling emotions or thoughts, and I don't like it at all. I want to feel and think on my own for myself; not worrying about what others would think about it.

I am curious to see this little girl again in dreams. I felt very strong feelings for her.

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