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Dream Journal Chapter 34: Breaking The Law

Posted by _Only , 14 January 2013 · 417 views


Night dream I was speeding down the freeway. I came to a spot. I remembered this was where I had gotten a ticket before. I was hoping this
wouldn't happen again as I drove near. As I did, I noticed 2 cars parked on the side of the road. I slowed down a lot, but was still doing
80. One of the cars was a black Camaro, that sent smoke out of its tires as it skidded fast and accelerated very fast to catch up with me. I
knew it was a police car and I was caught. I thought of speeding more to get away, but realized it was no use. --- 1/13/13

Now this was a kind of interesting dream to me, because I had gotten a ticket not so long ago, and thought about it the night before, for only a few seconds. So while most would say that this is all the dream was, a passing thought in my waking day before, I instead see that passing thought taken and used in a play created by the unconscious me; my dream. The situation just a backstage to set up my play, a symbolic play to translate my feelings.

So if I was to ignore the situation itself in my dream, and pay only attention to the inner thoughts/feelings I had in it (which are always a big part of my dreams), I can trim the fat and get to the real core of what I was feeling, and why. So I'll do that.

The first feeling inside was a memory that I had been in this same situation before. I then hoped that what happened the last time wouldn't happen again. I often feel this way in waking life, and it usually ends up in me repeating the same thing I 'hoped' wouldn't happen again. I, on numerous occasions, have thought about why I simply hope that the same thing won't happen again, instead of taking a varying amount (usually small) of time or effort to ensure that it won't happen again. I had a chance in the dream to slow down. I had the same inner thought I have in waking life on how I could and should change what I'm doing to make sure I don't get into trouble, but I chose to ignore it, and 'paid the price', figuratively and literally.

The smoke from the black Camaro's tires as it accelerated to chase me was a fearful moment. It was the moment that I realized the bad choice I had just made was about to 'catch up with me', figuratively and literally.

The last feeling in this very short dream was another common one I have in both waking, and sometimes dreams. The getting an urge to go faster or further to get out of my situation, but telling myself that it's no use, and giving up. This was a huge part of how I used to be, but I am trying to change it now. It always seems to occur at the end of my dreams. I don't want it to be the end of this one.

So there's my little personal dream interpretation, as only I could do it, because only I know the little meanings in the feelings and thoughts I hold deep in. Good luck on anyone else trying to translate me.

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