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Dream Journal Chapter 36: Night Of Many Dreams

Posted by _Only , 18 January 2013 · 450 views

Remembered bits of 4 dreams I had last night/this morning. I tried hard when waking to remember as much as I could. I'm glad I got this much. Each "later" is a new dream I think. It's often hard to tell with memories of dreams in a night, but teh different scenarios and settings in each lead me to believe they were separate dreams.


Night dream I was outside, arriving at some sort of block party. I didn't recognize a lot of the people, but then at end some of my family was
there. I remember my grandma in particular. She was happy I was there and invited me to our big table. I don't remember much from here, but
remember later being with my old band (only remember [friend] playing bass, but didn't notice who singer or drummer was with us). We started to
play a song and I was worried that no one was interested. It was time to play another, and I was trying to think of what to play, but not
wanting to embarrass myself. [frend] said play some one of our songs. I started to pretend I didn't know which he meant or something for some
reason, but then started to play it. I was the only one playing and again got embarrassed. [M] was there, and I think enjoyed the song.
She wanted me to play more, but I think I stopped.

Later I remember being at some trailer home type place. I went inside, and no one was in there. There were 3 dogs inside (one Layla and two
small I think) and they seemed glad to see me. I wanted to let them out, but was worried they would get loose from the yard, as they were
acting pretty wild, and this seemed their usual demeanor. I think I ended up letting them out, though, and opened the door to check on them.
[M] showed up here also?

Later, I was at some rundown few story apartment type looking building. There were many people inside. This seemed to be some type of group
home of sorts for us, where we all lived. I think my mom and step dad were here also. They seemed very well off for some reason, and I think
they mentioned how they were going to move off to another section or building they had bought, and I was impressed and happy for them that
they were going to do this. I was then outside of the building in the right side of a backseat of a car with some family (sister and others?)
looking at the front of the building. Through all of the windows in that building, we saw many of the people inside looking out at us making funny gestures,
or just waving or smiling out at us. This made me feel good and happy, as they were doing this for us. I felt a sense of connection and
belonging when they did this for us.

Later, I saw an old friend Kenny (he was same age as I saw him last; a teen) riding a Razor scooter extremely fast far ahead of me down the
street as I drove in my car. As he picked up more speed, he suddenly veered to the right, and lost balance. His scooter and him fell, his head
and neck snapped back quickly in a very awkward way, and he hit it against some pole when it came back forward. He hit very hard and was
knocked out. I was sure he was hurt very badly, and I got worried as I pulled behind him and turned on my hazard lights. I felt badly for him
I got out of the car. I then had that bad feeling (hard to explain) of realizing I felt badly and thinking I only felt this way because I am
supposed to or because someone would notice. I then woke up. --- 1/17/13

A lot here, but I'm just not in the mood for translating. Just recording.

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