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Dream Journal Chapter 38: The Man Who Gave Twenties

Posted by _Only , 29 January 2013 · 490 views


Was working, and some attractive woman came up asking to see stuff. She was being kind of obnoxious in the things she was saying and doing,
and also didn't seem to be very intelligent. I was humoring her and thought she was very beautiful.

Later, I was in a restaurant. Was with maybe my dad, and a dog. The dog went up to some man and was bugging him. The man gave my dog a 20
dollar bill by placing it on the table in front of the dog. The dog of course ignored it. I thought it was weird that this man was trying to
bribe a dog into leaving him alone. Later the man also tried to pay a couple other peole (one my dad I think) a 20 dollar bill to get what
he wanted. I thought it was kind of sad that this was all the man seemed to know to persuade anyone to do what he wanted, or to solve a

Later, I was on some rocks by the shore, and there was an Evanescence song playing. The music was beautiful but the lyrics were so sad. I said
this right before I woke up. "The lyrics are so sad". --- 1/26/13


Night dream I was outside in some grass field, in a city I've been in dreams before. I was air drumming to some song with my hands, and jumping
around on the grass, having fun. I sensed someone in the street down below listening to me playing, and I got a little self conscious I think.
It was [o]. Someone by me (I don't think I ever saw this person, and it vaguely felt like a recurring character in my dreams known
simply as 'another guy my age') told me that the person down there likes my playing, and wants to see me do well, as did he. This made me feel
good and I continued air drumming on the grass, jumping around.

Later, I was sitting in another grass field in another part of this city. I saw what looked like a bumblebee by my feet, and I kicked at it a
bit as I jumped back. It followed me and I got scared. As I looked at it closer, it wasn't a bumblebee, but a large beetle type bug with
3 or 4 large spikes coming out of its back. It reminded me of something form Super Mario Bros. It tried to dive bomb me with its spikes. As
I avoided this bug, I saw Mo walk up from far down the street. I think I motioned for him to look at this weird bug, or at least intended to.
He stopped and looked at some slightly run down 80's car that seemed for sale on the sidewalk. --- 1/28/13

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