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Dream Journal Chapter 40: Jumanji!

Posted by _Only , 05 February 2013 · 462 views


Night dream I was at some little mall type store. There were a few girls inside that I was kind of trying to act cool to impress. I think it
was working, but I'm not sure. There were some video game items around that looked kind of cool, but I ended up watching some movie on a TV
with some guy (another guy my age?). I remember some guy surfing or swimming on it, meeting a girl he knew, and riding on her back, back to

I only vaguely remember this dream, but sitting and watching some TV with 'another guy my age' was nice. He shows up in my dreams a lot, and while I never really see what he looks like, he is always a friend and welcome in my dreams. The whole meeting a girl thing was a big part of this dream. Go figure.


Later, I was in some exhibit at some place. It was like an underground tunnel system jail. I toured it some and found it very interesting. Some
others were about to tour it and I told them it would be interesting or something, and told them a bit on where to go and what they could see.
I said it was a good way to get into the minds of the prisoners here and to feel and see what how they lived here. I saw that they were fighting
with each other here somehow, and one prisoner even used some type of explosives to hurt another prisoner in a cell on the other side of a

This I didn't really remember until I read the explosives part, and vaguely remember the setting and see the tunneled area. This is a kind of spooky visual memory, but is also foggy and all I have left of this dream.


Later, I was in my room, looking out the window. I realized that the window was broken. It was divided into multiple parts/windows, but some
parts were off center and falling off. This scared me when I noticed animals in the yard on the other side looking into the room. I was
worried that they would come in the room, so I was trying to close it up somehow, but it wasn't working. I can't remember what type of
animals they were, but now a monkey (like a baboon) appeared, and was trying to get in. This scared me as it was really attempting to get
through a gap into my room. I was closing the gap so it couldn't, but this was exposing the right side of window, which was now wide open. But
the monkey didn't seem to notice. But at some point I realized it was no use (I think) and moved away from the window to run away. Now I
saw a black snake got into my room, and was chasing after me. I ran to the front of  the house, and it was still chasing me. This scared
me, and I woke up. --- 2/4/12

This was a pretty intense dream. I remember some moments well, because I felt some intense emotions. The fear of seeing my window open at parts and knowing that the animals could get in was pretty powerful. Also the struggling to fix it was intense, and I worked hard to get it right, but didn't end up doing well. Nothing would work. I remember seeing the baboon thing press up against the window trying to get in, and this was when I really got scared to fix it. I wanted it so badly to not notice that the right side of window was exposed to inside my room. Then I also remember the fear of running from the fast large black snake. This was a kind of rough dream, but I want to understand it better. I have had the 'running or trying to elude wild animals' dreams multiple times, but usually it's in an open outdoor nature setting, and is often fun, with me flying and leaping to elude them. This one wasn't fun though.

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