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Dream Journal Chapter 41: Saved By The Man They Hated

Posted by _Only , 14 February 2013 · 325 views


Night dream I was in the kitchen of my old house, arguing with someone (B?). She was being extremely nasty to me in every way, and it was
putting me into a fit of rage. Everything I was doing she was digging into me about, and I ended up feeling somewhat hopeless in this situation.
I think I ended up saying bad things back about her, or even hurting her, but I can't remember. I just remember the emotions of betrayal and
hurt in what she was saying to me, as if I didn't know she was thinking these things about me, as well as hopelessness and anger in seeing
the reality of this situation, that she hated me.

Night dream. Part of it I was watching down on it seems, as if it was a movie or something. I was (or was watching) a man in a town that was  somewhat in ruins, almost like old west ghost
towns look. Everyone hated this man, and took every opportunity to let him know it, and to hurt this man's feelings in any way. Although I
wasn't 'in' this man seeing from his eyes, I could feel his emotions of sadness and hopelessness. For some reason this man was despsised
and he didn't understand why. He felt so hopeless that he didn't want to go on living anymore. I realized this as some flooding was happening
in this ruin area. Water started to rush in like a flash flood. The man got the feeling of wanting to die at this point, and also decided to
save everyone else in doing this for some reason. He stood over one spot, letting the rushing water crash into him. This was somehow blocking
the water from reaching the town and all its inhabitants, but was a death sentence for the man. Now my perception shifted from 'movie style',
watching this man save the town right before his death, to our usual 'inside' perception, seeing through the eyes of someone. I assumed it was
the man still, but now am not so sure looking back and recalling the dream. I'm not sure who I was. But I was in a room in the town, and all
(or many) of the town's people were congregated inside. A speaker was talking about how the man had died today. I don't remember what he said,
but remember being curious why no one was saying bad things about the man, as they were before. No one seemed really sad that the man had
died, but no happiness or rudeness was felt by them either. They were just kind of emotionless, and eventually left the room not really saying
much of anything. I remember seeming somewhat small and was sitting on the ground during this moment. I am wondering if I was the child of this
man, as I vaguely remember some part of the dream mentioning that this man had a child (a son?). --- 2/12/13

The second dream was a rare one for me. I only remember one other like it in recent past. It was different because instead of being 'me' in the dream (well, I guess I never really know if I'm 'me' in dreams, other than seeing through my own eyes and feelings), I was watching someone else, like seeing them instead of seeing through my eyes. Well, for the first part at least. The next part I was in someone's eyes, but didn't feel like me in the waking world. It felt like someone else. This dream was really interesting to me. A man hated by everyone, who wants to die, and ends up doing it, while saving everyone else who hated him. Then everyone becoming indifferent to him. A very uncomfortably provocative story.

Another interesting thing in this dream to me was how my perception shifted right before the man's death. This has happened to me in a couple other fairly recent dreams, where I would be just about to die, and suddenly my perception would shift to somewhere else. The first was in a dream where I blew up a bridge and was falling into the water as my sister chased me. I shifted to suddenly being inside a store with her also there. She didn't know what had happened, but I knew we had died. The next was being in a car accident on the freeway. I was just about to hit the car in front of me as I screeched on the brakes. Right before I hit, my perception shifted and I viewed the crash from in front of the other car, watching my car hit it from the back. It's like I was standing outside watching the event. Now in this new dream, I shifted right before death to someone sitting low in a room with everyone talking about he man dying.


Night dream I was watching a girl on an interview on TV, like on a late night talk show (girl from Sb). As she talked her dress  got
lower and lower, revealing her chest. She didn't notice for awhile, but when she finally did she felt bad and tried to adjust it. She saw
she couldn't and gave up. I was excited by it but sad for her that she felt badly about it. Later I saw her at work, and she told us she
was leaving. I said I was sad to see her go in a joking way, but she didn't laugh, as she still felt bad. I felt bad for making the joke.

--- 2/13/13

This dream has something I seem to be having a lot of in my dreams lately; feeling bad for someone else. I feel empathy for them.

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