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Dream Journal Chapter 42: The Benefactor

Posted by _Only , 03 March 2013 · 344 views

Lately I have been quite aware that I have dreamed the night before, but just can't seem to remember any of them. The vaguest memory gets lost just as I try to access what I dreamed of. It's pretty aggravating, but at least being aware that I dreamed is reassuring to me.

That aside, an interesting thing has been happening these past few mornings, that I can record here, at least. I have been waking up with a phrase greeting me, really resonating in my mind. They are seemingly out of the blue, as of course, they are literally my first waking thought of the day. But the messages are really provocative to me.

We're working towards a goal. Unity. --- 2/26-27/13

We have a benefactor. - 3/1/13

Malady. - 3/3/13

I admit to having to look up benefactor and malady to get their definition. Apparently some part of me already knew what they mean, but not my conscious self. I look forward to more waking messages in the near future.

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