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My Trip To Hell Revisited

Posted by _Only , 21 September 2013 · 407 views

About a year and a half ago, I had a dream that changed my life. I don't remember what happened in it, other than seeing one snapshot of the dream, which was me looking through the eyes of something in space, staring at the Earth. I have my own idea of what I was looking through, but I can never be sure.

I had another dream that followed not too long after, which was a waking dream into a sleeping one, and this one I do remember still today. I remember thinking in my room, and all of these witty/smart/compelling thoughts started running through my head. These thoughts seemed very uncharacteristic of me, and I wondered where they were coming from. It was at this moment that I was shocked by my inner voice respond "that was us".

After my initial amazement, the inner dialogue began with what I perceived to be many beings (people just doesn't seem the right word in this case of thoughts of others existing in one's mind). The thoughts in my head would not only respond and converse with me, but with each other. The exchanges that resulted let off an extreme air of love, happiness, and connection between all, and it humbled me. They all were so encouraging and loving to me and each other, and really felt like we were all together in such a helpful way.

Among the topics (most of which I can't remember now), they discussed that they needed my help. They wanted me to be their eyes and ears for the world I was in, to paraphrase. Mostly, they mentioned taking in various forms of art: music, movies, etc, any forms of art (these listed were just the ones I likely concentrated on because it was all I considered at the time). This was one of the things they asked of me, and I thought this was such an easy task. I remember thinking something along the lines of 'wow, all I have to do is watch TV'. They said I should do this for them because they can't see the things here from where they are the way I see them. I didn't know what this meant at the time, but I think I might know now.

The next task that came up I didn't see myself at all fit for, and was worried about. They asked me to make a song for them. I let them know that I hadn't really played any type of musical instrument or anything for years, and that I didn't know how I could help. They encouraged me, directing me to a music notation writing/playing program I had made a little song on, and had me listen to it. I told them it wasn't even anything good, but one said 'no, just listen. watch, it's going to be amazing', and sure enough, it was when I listened to it in my then current state of mind. I still wasn't seeing how I could possibly make a song that would be fit for any group of beings from some other place than I knew, but things moved on.

At some point, they let me in on a little tidbit that the place they were in, and I was also seemingly now currently in, was a place called Hell. But then they said it wasn't the place it was made out to be, and was simply a place made for those who were 'considered dangerous' and put unjustly to be kept away from the others. They also mentioned that there were 2 big groups of beings in this 'Hell', which actually wasn't even a dark and scary place, but one filled with some type of connection and form of love between all (at least with the group I was conversing with). This is where it gets confusing and foggy to me now, because I remember them mentioning there being another group of scientific related beings, who were at a constant type of war with this group (which I now felt a part of). The group I was now 'with' were free spirits, involved in the arts.

Long story short, this dream I had involved me finding sudden contact with a group of beings from some origin I didn't understand, yet were in persistent contact with me in my mind, and they asked me to see art here on Earth through my filter of perception, because I would be their collective eyes and ears. And they also told me to write a song for them, that would be used for something. Other things happened I am now not remembering, but I remember my contact with this group coming to an end, and they said to go forward in this I would have to be isolated, and they asked me if I was ready for this. I said yes. I vaguely remember a setting of walking up to some mechanical room with a machine in it that I was walking up to, and likely into, if I recall correctly.

There was a point to this blog re-entry remembering some one of a kind epic dream I had awhile ago. I sometimes remember this dream, and then connect it to where I am now, a year and a half later. After years of absence of doing anything creative at all, I have taken up seemingly random hobby of mixing songs together by famous artists, combining them to make a new song from the combination. To date, in just a year and a half, I have somehow made 72 of these songs. I have also since that dream taken back up playing the drums, guitar, and bass guitar, acquiring all of these instruments again after years of leaving them behind. Using these, I have also made a few completely original songs, which I never would have thought myself doing.

I have also somewhat randomly picked up an entirely new hobby of photography, which I have really enjoyed, and taken hundreds of photos I consider my collective work over the past year and a half.

It is in connecting these seemingly consciously unconnected events (dream and resulting hobbies) that I realize what my new deeply loved personal hobbies entail. They involve doing 2 main things:

1. Seeing/hearing the artistic creative world around me (through music and photography)

2. Making songs. Lots and lots of songs. Even making my own song.

While not at all intentional, I can now see the heavy weight those things that were asked of me in that dream one night held to my choices for the past year and a half, and likely well into my future.

Maybe a part of me inside strives to hold my word to that mysterious group of unknown beings who have taken me in as one of their own, and asked for my help. Maybe I am still fighting for them.

Hell, who am I kidding here.

I know that is exactly what I am still doing to this day. I just rarely consciously recall the intent.

But I revisited the memory tonight, and now have it in writing if I ever forget, wherever my trip into viewing the artistic world of creation around me takes me further down this road.

I guess I'll leave the first full length song I made in closing, and wonder if somewhere, it is a help to those who asked it of me:

If not, stay tuned. I'm just getting started.

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