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Thinking about 'ghosts' and such

Posted by Sunny Day , 28 November 2013 · 288 views
ghosts, questioning, dunno, :p
My children and I were discussing what happens when we die on the way to school this morning.  My daughter said we become a star, and my son said, no 'lightening!'.  Interesting that they are thinking in terms of 'energy' I thought to myself.

Anyway, this got me thinking later about the sheer numbers of human souls that have lived and...


Perfume and the power it has

Posted by Sunny Day , 06 November 2012 · 578 views
perfume, memories, anais anais and 1 more...
I was getting dressed this morning and thought about how I am getting low on my favourite perfume (Anais Anais) and wondered about trying a different one. I own about 5 or 6 different ones, and a couple are quite nice but never lift me up quite as much as my good old Anais Anais. Fidji comes close, but it's so hard to find in Australia. The simple rose...

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