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the days of God

Posted by pukin Rainbows24-7 , 10 January 2014 · 515 views

in the beginning god said let there be light to burn the darkness away

on the second day the sky was born, a majestic canopy for the earth

on the 3rd day god sculpted the bountiful earth and planted it with trees

with the 4th day god split day from night, and blessed the earth with the cycle of the seasons

then god filled the sea with life, and set forth the birds to soar the sky

on the 6th day god created glorious creatures, chief of these were mankind, whom he created on his own image

he blessed them, giving them domination on all living things to care for
to rule

and on the seventh day they said god rested
but god didn't rest
god left


perhaps died
judgement day came, and he abandoned us, casting humanity aside like parasites
and that's where we are now.

However, most of us don't feel don't feel that way,
they create their own gods, comforting themselves, keeping themselves sane.
behind every cloud, shines the sun.

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pukin Rainbows24-7
Jan 10 2014 03:59 PM

i'm not trying to defy any kind of religion
i just thought that it was beautiful so i posted it
it was from book long time ago which is lost now unfortunately
thank you for your concern.

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