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The impact of your environment

Posted by pukin Rainbows24-7 , 13 January 2014 · 376 views

Everyday you meet new people, new faces and new personalities. You see people you despise and people whom you love. We meet strangers in the oddest ways sometimes and eventually they become your friend. Some even best friends. The only problem is they have flaws. Just like You and Myself. Perhaps they're stressed out from their job, or school work or anything really. You have to understand that sometimes you can't make someone your complete world.

Making someone your everything is terrible in a good way. It's a great thing because then you can rely on them for anything, they're the people that know you and how your mind and body work. They're the people that will be there for you to help give you a boost when you really need it. They can make you feel things you haven't ever felt before or things you haven't felt in a long time. Everything to make your world continue on and be happy about.

A problem with making someone your complete world is you lose your friends, and your own self. You start thinking about your actions and how it would affect them. Hesitating on making a decision because you fear the outcomes. Also, when they leave you or you leave them what are you left with? Broken promises and past memories. Pain and disgrace at yourself. It leaves you helpless. Like you can't continue on without them. And that is where friends come in.

Surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people. Not drugs or alcohol. Numbing your pain eventually only makes it worse in the end; I know for a fact. I've done it. Others have. It's a coping method to ease it all.

Decide next time before making someone your everything if it's worth it in the end whenever it comes. If they leave how helpless will you feel? Would you think it was a mistake doing it and letting them in on a piece of your heart and soul.

Crazy isn't it, how people have such big impacts on your life?

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